Bench Dog 40-102 Promax Router Table Review

Bench Dog 40-102 Promax Router TableBench Dog Cast Iron Router Table has a variety of space-saving features such as an adjustable miter gauge for a non-slip fit, a cast-iron tabletop, a 28-inch Pro-Fence from Bench Dog, and more, making it the best choice for limited space.

It works best with almost all table saws that have a cast iron table that is 1-1/2-inch thick and 27-inch deep.

It is simple to assemble, and the best part is that it can be mounted on either side of your table saw. But that’s not all.

Bench Dog provides you with a variety of amazing features that you will not find with any other router table on the market, and most importantly, it operates smoothly.

The Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax router table is designed primarily for table saws and is ideal for tight quarters.

It comes with a ProFence with dual slot configuration, T-slots, and a very sturdy cast-iron construction that allows you to work with heavier stock. If your projects require table saws and you want a long-lasting table, consider the Bench Dog 40-102.

Top Pick

Bench Dog 40-102 Promax Router Table

This is ProFence router table is one of the best in the market. As when you use your table saw, the fence quickly dismounts so you can hang it on the j-hooks while working.
The fence is made of a single piece of machined aluminum, it is extremely flat and accurate.
The sub-fences, that aid in support and alignment, adjust easily without the use of tools, allowing you to work much faster while still obtaining very precise cuts and measurements.
Other feather boards & useful accessories can be easily mounted in the Bench Dog’s T-slot. By loosening or tightening the bolts, you can adjust this slot for different bit sizes.

Key Features
  • Manufacturer: Bench Dog
  • Item ship weight: 55 lbs.

Product Description

Bench Dog 40 102 Promax Router Table Expert Review

The Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax router table is ideal for small workshop applications.

The ProFence’s dual fence slot configuration provides more workspace, and the T-slots allow you to add useful accessories if desired.

The table is built to last and was designed to be used with table saws, so you can use it for a variety of projects.

Accepts plates measuring 8-1/4′′ by 11-3/4′′.”

A 28-inch Pro-Fence that quickly dismounts when using a table saw.

Fits almost all contractor-grade and cabinet-grade 27-inch deep table saws.

It weighs 60 pounds and has dimensions of 32.2* 21.7* 5.1 inches.

Replace the extension wing on your table with this industrial-grade router table to increase its versatility.

ProMax is ideal for shops with limited space because it features a cast-iron top, Bench Dog’s 28″

ProFence, and a miter gauge track that adjusts for a no-slip fit. If space is a concern, ProMax has you covered.

The fences are easily detachable and can be hung using the provided J-hooks. This will make it easier to work with your table saw.

It is compatible with all contractor-grade table saws, which increases the table’s versatility and functionality.

It will also fit all right-tilt cabinet-grade table saws with depth and thickness dimensions of 27 by 1-1/2 inches, respectively.

Dual slot fences are useful because they allow you to work from either side of the table and also allow you to rotate your work to accommodate larger panels.

The router top and fence, as well as all mounting hardware, are included in the package.

Its dual fence slot configuration allows you to rotate the fence and work from either side of the table to maximize surface area.

Furthermore, with a third miter slot, your table saw is now well-equipped to handle crosscut sleds.


  • Easy and quick mounting.
  • Can be stored in compact places.


  • No “On/Off” switch is available.

Buyer Guide:

When working on difficult projects, the last thing you need is limited space torturing your brain. You won’t have to worry about a lack of space with the Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table.

Aside from an adjustable miter gauge, the Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table has a dual-fence slot configuration that allows you to turn the fence to maximize your workspace.

A third miter slot is also included, making it easier to work on crosscut sleds. Check out the reasons why you should give it a shot.

Why Should You Purchase Bench Dog 40-102 Promax Router Table?

You should not be hesitant to purchase a router table because it will provide you with greater stability while routing.

All praise goes to the rigid stands that support all of the required weight.

Simple to use. Another advantage of purchasing this device is that you can easily cut wood and focus on the desired shape.

It also has well-placed control features to reduce fatigue.

Router tables provide the highest level of security. When in use, there is very little chance of an accident occurring.

Large workpieces can be supported. You don’t need to be concerned about the size of your workpiece. These units have a wide range of applications.

The routers allow you to make height and workpiece adjustments to maximize output.

You will be working in a clean environment because these routers include a dust collection system that ensures no debris is left on the work surface.

While operating, the ergonomic rubberized feet prevent walking and wobbling.

Bottom Line:

Pro-Max has almost everything a woodworker needs, but that doesn’t make it ideal for everyone. It, like other products on the market, has advantages and disadvantages.

Some users are completely satisfied and those who are not. The good news is that even users who aren’t completely satisfied appreciate the fact that it is what the manufacturers claim it to be.

It has a lot to like, outperforms expectations, is long-lasting, and, best of all, and is reasonably priced. The 4.5 ratings should be enough to persuade you, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be happy with it.

The best way to discover what this high-end workshop machinery has to offer is to try it out.