Best Bosch Router Tables Review – Ultimate Buyer Guide

A router table is a special type of table where a router can be fixed, upside down, to the underside of the table. It comes with many accessories, for assisting one in shaping and cutting tasks.

There are two main types of wood router tables “free” which are larger and can be used as stand poles and “benchtop” which are adjustable and portable.

They both come with brackets to adjust them above any surface. Here is a review about Best Bosch Router Tables you can look forward to before spending a penny to buy.

Best Bosch Router Tables Review

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Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181
Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

The Bosch RA1181 benchtop switch table gives a huge work surface for accuracy and adaptability.

Bosch RA1171 Router Table
Bosch RA1171 Router Table

It highlights a bureau-style plan with a smooth covered turn-out surface for accurate carpentry, making it an ideal benchtop answer for any workshop.

Bosch is a leading supplier of technology and services in many Mobility Solutions and Energy and Building Technology areas. Additionally, Bosch, is one of the largest development centers outside Germany, for an end to end engineering and technology solutions.

The Bosch router table provides a large work surface for woodworking and routing. It is designed to fit a variety of routers making it more useful. Serving as an indispensable part of any woodworking shop.

Its dust collection port offers better dust collection for a cleaner work environment. It comes with a large aluminum top making the table both durable and portable.

The Bosch benchtop router table includes mounting hardware and features a tall aluminum fence with adjustable MDF face plates, two outfeed shims, and an aluminum router mounting plate.

Here we have put together the best Bosch Router Tables with its specification, pros, cons, and buyer guide to help you choose from.

But First, have a look at this comparison table we added here for you!

? Editors’ Choice!

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

The Bosch RA1181 benchtop switch table gives a huge work surface for accuracy and adaptability. The enormous aluminum top makes the table both tough and compact.

Intended to fit an assortment of switches, this switch table is a flexible piece of hardware that will fill in as an irreplaceable piece of any carpentry shop.

Product Specifications
Dimensions/Size22.75 x 27 x 14.5 inches
FinishingClear Aluminum Coating

Why we choose Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181?

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

Its inflexible aluminum switch mounting plate is pre-penetrated for similarity with an assortment of switches and above-table tallness change with numerous basic switches.

It’s 2-1/2 In. the dust-assortment port offers a better residue assortment for a cleaner workplace.

This benchtop switch table incorporates mounting equipment and includes a tall aluminum fence with flexible MDF faceplates, two outfeed shims, and an aluminum switch mounting plate.

The starter pin and watchman for directing bent workpieces are likewise included, notwithstanding the underlying string wrap for advantageous capacity and convenience.

Easy-to-use adjustable feather boards.

It accepts feather boards and 3/4 inch optional accessories such as a miter gauge.

It can store up to a 6-foot power cord.

Pros and Cons


  • Compatible with most routers.
  • Portable, yet rigid.
  • Strong and smooth finish.
  • Aluminum fencing makes it easier to use.


  • Easily breakable, because most parts are made of plastic.
  • Assembling may cause a hassle.

Bosch RA1171 Router Table

The Bosch RA1171 Router Table highlights a bureau-style plan with a smooth covered turn-out surface for accurate carpentry, making it an ideal benchtop answer for any workshop.

The bureau-style development is ideal for security, stockpiling, and residue assortment. Its inflexible aluminum switch mounting plate is pre-bored for similarity with an assortment of switches.

Product Specifications
Dimension/Size15.88 x 25.5 x 18 inches

The Bureau-style switch table plan highlights a smooth covered top and is ideal for solidness.

Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table

An unbending aluminum mounting plate makes it easier to move around.

The aluminum fence has flexible MDF faceplates and feather boards to boost exactness and flexibility.

Two devoted residue assortment ports are here with one port at the fence and one at the bureau for the greatest residue on the board.

Simple to utilize flexible feather boards, it can connect to fence and table, giving extra direction and payoff security.

It acknowledges feather boards and 3/4 In. discretionary extras, for example, a miter measure.

Its mountable base highlights four predrilled openings for screws; level augmentation takes into consideration clipping to the workbench.

Pros and Cons


  • It is a compact and versatile router with a good price range.
  • Sturdy and works with every type of wood.
  • Easily portable.


  • Dust collection ports are not efficient.
  • The storage area below the table is useless.

Why we choose Bosch RA1171 Router Table?

On account of its adaptable plan, the RA1171 allows you to work with an assortment of materials while guaranteeing accuracy with each cut.

With a tall aluminum fence estimated 4-7/8 x 25-1/8 inches (HxL), the table handles tall stock easily. The fence likewise includes flexible MDF face plates for better help and smoother activity.

The unbending aluminum switch mounting plate remains level and valid for exact, precise cuts, and for added flexibility, it’s pre-bored to fit an assortment of switches.

Buyer Guide:

When looking for a router table, think about both the size of your workshop and your image of a switch. You might need to consider a few variables that incorporate the table’s size, versatility, material, base plate style, and similarity with your switch.

Peruse on to find out about these and different contemplations.

Unsupported Vs. Benchtop

Numerous clients lean toward free router tables over benchtop router tables, all things considered. Unattached tables ordinarily have solid bases and huge worktops, which can oblige longer and more extensive sheets.

Most detached router tables measure around 32 inches in length and 24 inches wide. The disadvantage of unsupported switch tables is that they’re weighty, which makes them hard to move to work locales.


The size of a router table straightforwardly relates to how enormous a workpiece it can deal with. A router table’s work surface reaches in size from around 22 inches in length by 16 inches wide, up to 36 inches by 24 inches wide.

A table that is 22 creeps to a day and a half long can uphold sheets somewhere in the range of 6 and 8 feet in length. Moreover, a more extensive table will offer better help for more extensive sheets.


The router tables may be made of different materials. That way the tables’ expense and strength. Medium-thickness fiberboard (MDF), which is inflexible and solid, is the most famous material for switch tabletops.

An MDF top ought to be 1 inch thick so it’s solid enough to fill in as a work surface.

Uncovered MDF will absorb water like a wipe and puff up, demolishing the work surface.

MDF tops with melamine coatings are favored because melamine covering will ensure the wood.

Other materials include phenolic tar, which is a significantly higher-grade material than MDF.

Phenolic sap which is also more slender than MDF, will not be harmed by water, and ought to keep up its shape for the lifetime of the table.

Phenolic pitch switch tables are among the most costly models you can purchase.

Metal router tables are top of the line also. Cast aluminum gives a durable, sturdy worktop that will keep up its shape.


Quality router tables will incorporate numerous base plates that supplement distinctive switch opening examples, making them viable with switches from the most significant instrument brands.

It’s ideal to keep away from switch tables that have all-inclusive plan base plates. The number of openings in these plates can bargain their underlying honesty—and make places for the residue to collect.

Mounting Plate

A router table has a mounting, or base, plate that joins to the switch and finds a way into an opening in the tabletop.

Since they should uphold the heaviness of the switch while remaining completely level, these plates must be developed of strong, tough material, like aluminum or phenolic gum.

The mounting plate should likewise be viable with the switch. It ought to have mounting openings that line up with the openings on the switch.

Since, significantly, the plate sits flush with the router table, a decent table will have a plate-leveling framework that comprises at least four leveling screws.

It’s likewise essential to consider how effectively the plate can be instituted. A table with a mounting plate that is hard to introduce will not work for individuals who intend to utilize the switch with and without the table.

Miter and T-Slots

Most router tables have a T-opening on their surface that takes into account the utilization of a miter measure and different extras.

A miter measure holds workpieces at a point while they are cut, and it has a movable fence that the administrator can set to essentially any point.

The check is joined to a long metal guide that slides through a T-space, which is a long section that runs the length of the table.

Even though the fence will get a lot of work on a switch table, there will be events that require a miter check.


A simple to-utilize, the customizable fence is basic on a router table. As a rule, the administrator will direct the material through the router’s sharp edge by pushing it facing the fence.

Regardless of whether the fence is made of wood or metal, it ought to be durable. Check Best Router Table Fence to know more about it. When making exact switch cuts, it’s essential to have a strong base against which to push workpieces.

There are two kinds of walls on router tables: those that are solitary pieces and split walls. Two-piece walls are more flexible, permitting the client to set the infeed at an unexpected level in comparison to the outside. With this sort of fence, the switch can execute muddled jointer cuts.

The drawback is, it tends to be trying to impeccably adjust a two-piece fence for ordinary cuts. A solitary piece will not permit you to join the straight edge of a board, however, the arrangement isn’t an issue if the fence is one strong piece from infeed to outfeed.

Extra Features

Numerous router tables have extra highlights that add usefulness, stockpiling, and even assistance to keep the workspace clean.

Router lifts are gadgets that consider miniature changes in the piece’s tallness, empower simple piece changes, and offer simpler-to-get-to-lift handles.

The router table doesn’t have switch lifts. You can buy those as additional items alone!

Are you the one who likes including every one of the frills inside simple reach ought to consider router tables with helpful capacity canisters incorporated into the body.

This additional extra room is ideal for holding additional base plates, miter measures, and switch bits.

Switches with exhaust ports permit the client to connect a hose that siphons sawdust out of the table and into a waste compartment.


  • Continuously guarantee your table is set up on a level and strong floor Any development, while you’re trying to steer, could be genuinely perilous a switch will go through skin and muscle effectively while it’s turning at a huge number of fires up each moment.
  • Set aside the effort to set up your router table before you begin ensuring the workpiece is secured with no possibility of slippage.
  • The residue is the most widely recognized reason for harm to a client’s well-being when utilizing a switch. You commonly can’t perceive how much wood dust is noticeable all around and it can stop up the lungs and cause genuine long and transient medical issues.
  • On the off chance that you haven’t got security goggles on while you are working, you are gambling genuine harm to your eyes it just takes a millisecond for a touch of trash to be terminated out of the switch bit and into your eye and you will wish you had required 20 seconds to put your goggles on.
  • Ear protectors are helpful for long-haul switch clients as the devices are loud naturally and the harm to your hearing can sneak up on you over the long run.
  • Continuously require 5 minutes before you begin to get equipped with the right PPE because you may think it is a misuse of 5 minutes you could be working all things considered yet, over the long haul, it will save you time and considerably more critically it will save you lungs, eyes or hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

What is the best material for a router tabletop?
The best material for a router tabletop is solid metal. This is the flattest, sturdiest, and strong material. It’s likewise the most costly and is along these lines utilized distinctly in proficient shops. Cast aluminum and phenolic pitch are the best reasonable alternatives for home woodshops.
How thick should a router table be?
A decent router table ought to be at any rate 1 inch thick to forestall hanging. Material is likewise a factor in thickness. While metal or great tar tabletop can be more slender than 1 inch and still be durable, MDF should be thicker to oppose twisting.
Will my router fit the table?
Most router tables incorporate different base plates that oblige all significant brands of switches. It’s essential to check a particular table’s rundown of viable switches before buying it.
Could a dive switch be utilized in a table?
A dive switch can be utilized on a switch table and is similarly pretty much as protected as a fixed-base switch.
How would you set up a router table?
Start by appending the baseplate of the router table to the switch utilizing the mounting screws. For an unsupported table, when the switch is introduced, it’s good to go.

A benchtop router table requires a consistent base. Set the benchtop router table on a durable workbench or table, and use clips to cinch the switch base to the table to keep it from sliding.

Bottom Line:
Both of these Bosch Router Tables own unique features and features top-notch quality. Both of these can handle tall stock with ease due to their tall aluminum fence. There’s a reason Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 got 2500+ and Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171 has got 1100+ reviews from users.