Best Plunge Routers to Buy in 2023

Are you serious about fine woodworking and your desire to achieve the best possible finish? If yes, then the best plunge routers must be included in your woodworking arsenal. Further, we know that there is no shortage of compact routers for performing routing jobs excellently.

So it becomes a little challenging to choose the most suitable for them. Hence, we reviewed the most versatile plunge routers based on their high-quality, premium features and stunning performing capability for resolving this issue.

Hopefully, you’ll like it and find the best one for your needs.

Best Plunge Routers

Top Pick1
Bosch Wood Router 1617EVSPK

Bosch Router 1617EVSPK is a superb deal if you are in search of a stable base plunge router.

Dewalt DW618PK Review
Dewalt DW618PK Review

Dewalt DW618PK is best known for its mid-range router speed feature.

Porter-cable 693LRPK
Porter-cable 693LRPK

Porter-cable 693LRPK comes with the old design in the 690 models.

Plunge Router Makita RP2301FC Electric Brake
Plunge Router Makita RP2301FC Electric Brake

Assuredly, the Makita router is a full-size plunge router that is big and heavy to some extent

Triton TRA001 Router
Triton TRA001 Router

Triton TRA001 is an engineer-oriented plunge router and the best attributed to its durable design.

Hitachi KM12VC Router
Hitachi KM12VC Router

Hitachi KM12VC is well-known for its durability and high-quality power tools.

Festool Router 1400
Festool Router 1400

Festool offers quality products though they are expensive to some extent.

Black and Decker RP250 Router
Black and Decker RP250 Router

Black and Decker RP250 is an entry-level plunge router, so it is the best wood router for beginners.

Metabo HPT M12V2 3.25-HP Plunge Router
Metabo HPT M12V2 3.25-HP Plunge Router

Metabo HPT M12V2 is a bit of a beast that aims at professional carpenters and woodworkers.

DEWALT DWP611PK Plunge Router
DEWALT DWP611PK Plunge Router

Dewalt DWP611PK is another best router by the DEWALT brand.

? Editor’s Choice!

1 Bosch Wood Router 1617EVSPK

Bosch Router 1617EVSPK is a superb deal if you are in search of a stable base plunge router. With a rugged design and aluminum material, construction stands among the most durable products in the market.

Moreover, this mid-sized range router can handle any workload easily.

Bosch Wood Router 1617EVSPK-Best Plunge Routers

The first top-quality feature it holds is its power generating system; it comes with a 2.25 horsepower motor with an AC motor. Hence, by using it, you can lessen the powertrain load during a startup.

This best plunge router isn’t an exhausting experience you ever had due to its versatile speed range with different settings.

You can install it any time and fix the collet bit range like 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, or 8 millimeters. Secondly, its soft-grip handle helps you maintain a fixed speed throughout the cutting procedure. Plus, it has microfine plunge depth features that give you superior routing accuracy.

Furthermore, due to the holding soft start feature and consistent working property speed, it is more comfortable than many other traditional plunge routers. A standard wooden base and a plunge base for more accurate and precise cuts make it outstanding in performance.

Last, it comes in excellent used plunge routers that are best suitable for intermediate and advanced enthusiasts. And, its design lets you do depth adjustment for high-quality cutting.

You can also check the complete Bosch Router 1617EVSPK Review we featured here recently.


  • Variable speed motor
  • Motor alignment arrows
  • Rugged and sturdy design
  • Plunge base cuts
  • Accurate and precise cutting
  • Removable chip shield
  • More comfortable to use


  • Screws are weak
  • It doesn’t consist of a spindle lock

2 Dewalt DW618PK Review

Dewalt DW618PK is best known for its mid-range router speed feature. This router tool is best for both novices and professionals. The cam housing motor, sub-base, collets, and router bits are exceptional and play a leading role in its overall performance.

The 2.25 peak HP motor carries several tasks efficiently; the cam lock feature of this steel motor makes depth adjustment and base changes quickly. Plus, a start feature lets you minimize torque and reduce the load on the powertrain and electrical current surge during the startup.

Dewalt DW618PK Review-Best Plunge Routers

Moreover, this router goes from 8,000 to 24,000 RPM; 8,000 RPM is best suited with diameter and cutter bits, and 24,000 RPM with plastics, laminates, and softwoods.

You may adjust the speed depending on the project’s requirements. Further, its speed control feature maintains speed under the load and avoids twisting and burning incidents.

With a depth of 360 micro-fine adjustment ring, it provides you an accurate depth of 1/64-inch increment excellently. Hence, you can perform secure and smooth operations up to 1.5 inches of precise cutting. The dust-sealed switch collects almost 95% of the dust; this lets you have superior visibility.

Over-molded rubber handles give you the best comfort, control, and balance ever. Secondly, the cut-out channel of the motor makes it easier to line up with the locking needles.

This top-quality router performed on both the even and facile plunge base makes it more valuable. And, we picked it due to its high-quality performing capability.


  • Ergonomics grips
  • Speed and power are adjustable
  • Powerful steel motor
  • Toggle switch
  • Ultra-durable router


  • Overheated quickly
  • Lack of a centering tool

3 Porter-cable 693LRPK

Porter-cable 693LRPK comes with the old design in the 690 models, but it still looks stunning. However, questions arise about what makes it perfect and upgradeable than its previous models. The answer is some exceptional features of this model make it perfect and comfortable to use.

With an 11-axis motor holding 27,500 RPM and 1 3/4 peak HP, it performs stunningly. You may adjust the depth with its easy-fix base cam lever and micro-adjustment system.

After the depth setting, you don’t need to worry more about moving around during working or cutting.

Porter-cable 693LRPK-Best Plunge Routers

Moreover, it holds six adjustable turret positions that keep your work precise up to 1/28 of an inch and easy to cut. This aluminum production router carries a total weight of 21.2 pounds which is a little bit heavy, but it doesn’t concern a lot due to its high working performance capability.

Next, this sturdy electric router provides you with easy control, use, and setup—Best-designed for performing mid-size and entry-level jobs efficiently. A dust cover feature protects it, and the sightline is guarded with plastic to enhance your safety level.

Overall, this Porter-cable 693LRPK is an outstanding router package that will last a long time for your fine woodworking. And its oval-shaped handle gives you a more comfortable and excellent grip throughout working.


  • Very easy to use and setup
  • Easy fix base cam lever
  • High-performance motor
  • Adjustable turret positions
  • Sturdy built design
  • A dust cover prevents from damaging
  • Aluminum construction provides extra durability


  • Lack of variable speed dial
  • Heavy to carry

4 Plunge Router Makita RP2301FC Electric Brake

Assuredly, the Makita router is a full-size plunge router that is big and heavy to some extent; however, it delivers superior performance. This trusted power tool consists of unique features that rank it in the selling market. You can perform your heavy-duty tasks with this easy-to-handle router.

This router has a 15 Amp potent motor with 3.25 horsepower; hence you can do precise and accurate woodcutting with ease. Even you may use it for the most rigid materials.

When it comes to speed control, it ranges from 9,000 to 22,000 RPM which is just outstanding. Despite being heavy, it is easy to control the router.

Plunge Router Makita RP2301FC Electric Brake-Best Plunge Routers

Moreover, it doesn’t run at the chosen speed from its activation period. First, it starts at a lower rate, and then it accelerates slowly; this phenomenon makes easy brutal cuts. It holds an electric brake that provides you with safety and linear ball bearings for ultra-smooth plunge action.

A two-finger switch, LED lights, and a lock-on trigger make it easy to operate for different purposes. Plus, an added feature is a shaft lock that is the best outfit for easy and fast changes. This best router plunge can efficiently plunge through hard materials, and it is best suitable for industrial work.


  • A robust motor
  • Full-size plunge router
  • LED lights for clear visibility
  • Spindle lock for bits changing
  • Easy to control and use
  • A safety tool
  • A warranty product


  • Lack of dust collector
  • Replacement parts aren’t found easily

5 Triton TRA001 Router

Triton TRA001 is an engineer-oriented plunge router and the best attributed to its durable design in the selling market. It comes in top-selling products with a 4.6 rating and 430 reviews. This high-quality router performs heavy-duty operations excellently due to high-grade steel manufacturing.

With a robust motor of 3.5 HP, it performs incredibly excellently, and its blade rotates from a speed of 8000 to 21000 RPM. Its multi-function fences provide you with extra control over accurate cuts. Even you can make tiny cuts easily with it if you are a skilled person in this profession.

Triton TRA001 Router

An automatic spindle lock makes it the top-selling product because it makes complex tasks simpler while changing the router’s tip. Moreover, you can get excellent control regardless of working on softwood or hardwood.

Aside from this top feature, Triton TRA001 also includes a single button switch and a micro winder for depth adjustments.

Another part that makes it more valuable is adjusting the speed according to the cut you will make. Besides, this best plunge router consists of air vents that reduce dust ingestion by the router. A safety switch shutter lock system has forgotten your security concerns while working.

This precise plunge router lets you detailed and accurate cuts so that you may use it for complex projects or tasks fearlessly. Furthermore, its stunning features make it best for those stuck to the table who work and plunge for long hours of the day.

It is highly recommended by professional and expert woodworkers because of its best fit and useful features.


  • Well-designed for heavy-duty work
  • Very smooth and easy starting
  • Safety switch shutter lock
  • Robust and durable motor
  • An automatic spindle lock system
  • Single-button switch


  • Big and heavy
  • Not suitable for light routing

6 Hitachi KM12VC Router

Hitachi KM12VC Router Kit is well-known for its durability and high-quality power tools. Even this model is considered as the best product of this brand for plunging.

We have to be clear that it holds several excellent features that make it different rest of the other traditional routers. Further, its stunning performance makes it an ideal choice for you.

With a noise level of 79.7 decibels, it lets you perform almost noiseless operations with less vibration. With a motor of 11 amps, electronic speed control, and two-stage motor release clamp features, don’t you think the right package is enough for fine woodworking?

You can make load transitions and operate control cuts without any trouble with these features.

Hitachi KM12VC Router

All this lets you smooth operations and ease of use no matter whether you are performing a job on soft or hardwoods. Its nickel-plated housing feature offers you fine groove cutting, window cutting, trimming, shaping, chamfering, and pattern cutting. Hence, this tool is best recommended for its versatility.

Next, when it comes to depth adjustments, here is the toughest plunge router to a new level. It’s easy to operate depth adjustments, and the thumb-release lever provides you with accurate cuts. And it can accept 1/2 and 1/4 inch bits for different types of woodcutting. Ergonomically designed handles enhance controlling ability and accuracy over the plunge router.

Last, it’s an aesthetically attractive tool station router, which provides you with both versatility and functionality; hence you may use it for performing several various projects quickly.

Well-designed with some additional features for acquiring comfort and benefits at the same time.


  • Powerful and noiseless motor
  • Two-stage motor-release clamp
  • No need for a battery
  • A versatile plunge router
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Accurate and precise cuts


  • The plunge base is unstable
  • Adjustment knobs are greasy

7 Festool Router 1400

Festool offers quality products though they are expensive to some extent but not too expensive that you can’t afford them. Festool router 1400 is specially designed to keep in various needs of fine woodworking.

It’s the best competitor in the market due to holding unique features.

The first and most fascinating feature is its powerful motor of up to 2.3 HP. This motor lets you accurately cut through oak, beech, hickory, and other hardwood quickly. Hence, this electric router is more than any handheld router.

Secondly, it holds a locking switch that offers power maintenance without keeping the trigger depressed.

Festool Router 1400

We are one hundred percent sure about its excellent performance, and when you use it, you find how comfortable it is in controlling and handling.

Moreover, ergonomically designed handles provide you with significant control over the router for long periods while working on hardwoods.

Something more to consider in it is its spindle brake feature that lets the stop a bit within seconds, so you also feel secure and safe.

Moreover, a chip deflector helps you in working with both corners and curves efficiently. It is customizable with multi-routing templates, a wide range of accessories, and an FS guide rail system.

This powerful plunge router is perfect for mid-sized and heavy jobs equally. You can address several issues with its ergonomic design and make sure of accurate/fine woodworking.


  • It’s a HEPA certified product
  • Excellent user control
  • Spindle brake for quick and fast stops
  • Comfortably handling and using
  • A versatile tool
  • It has a chip deflector feature


  • Relatively expensive
  • Plastic protector makes visibility limited

8 Black and Decker RP250 Router

Black and Decker RP250 Plunge Router is an entry-level plunge router, so it is the best wood router for beginners.  It is less weak in terms of motor power than other routers, but it’s still a strong competitor due to holding many other stunning features.

It smoothly drives and installs the different router bits for performing various tasks. This easy-to-install and use router has a package of incredible features.

Black and Decker RP250 Router-Best Plunge Routers

Knowing that it doesn’t hold a powerful motor then it is listed in the best plunge routers that come to your mind. The answer is that it carries all the necessary functions, features, and accessories to look for fine woodworking.

With two inches of accurate cutting depth and, a variable speed selector, this router makes it a place of the top-rated and top-selling products in the Amazon market worldwide.

It’s enough for ensuring its superb value and performance capability. Still, some other features also play a different role in considering and reviewing it in the best products list.

A variable-speed selector offers you an 8,000 to 27,000 RPM range for performing versatile jobs, and this feature adds sophistication to your work.

With a 10 amp quite good motor, it doesn’t let you down in performance, so without fear of harmful or inaccurate outcomes, you may choose it.

The sturdy built metal construction of this plunge router made it durable. Thus you don’t need to care about its long-lasting work.  Its performance capability matches with other top-listed plunge routers.

It is a beautiful choice with a complete package of tool station routers within an eco-friendly budget.


  • Durably constructed
  • A quite good motor
  • Excellent performer
  • Variable speed selector
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Light in weight


  • Isn’t able to make a straight-cut
  • Less protective

9 Metabo HPT M12V2 3.25-HP Plunge Router

Metabo HPT M12V2 is a bit of a beast that aims at professional carpenters and woodworkers. This great plunge router is built with a high-power complete motor of around a 15-amp and 3.25 HP.

It is the most potent motor still yet in the market, and it has plenty of power to tackle the toughest timbers efficiently.

Its broader variable speed range from 8,000 RPM to 21,000 RPM gives excellent accuracy in woodworking. The design makes it a joy to use, and the speed does work quickly in fewer periods.

Besides, a speed control dial present on the handle lets you easily adjust speed settings according to the requirements or depending on the wood type.

Metabo HPT M12V2 3.25-HP Plunge Router

It is the best solution for those who are looking for cleaner, more simple, and more in-depth adjustments on a broad level. Even you may adjust the depth by fractions of an inch or entirety.

Metabo brand has tried to design something unique in the modern world; hence, you can use it and find it more beautiful than the others.

You may perform the most challenging plunging tasks with ease, thanks to this powerful and uniquely designed router. Besides, the motor starts in a very gentle way; it reduces initial jerkiness and provides the best quality finish to your work.

The electronic speed control feature is another added thing to this router that maintains a constant speed.

Finally, its innovative adjustment knob works incredibly, makes slight adjustments, and accurately changes the plunge depth.

Extra visibility provides you with ultra-convenience while working in dark areas. You may convert it into a tablet form; it depends on your usage requirement.


  • Quality finish to your work
  • Electronic speed controller
  • Extra visibility
  • Innovative adjustment knob
  • Ultra-high quality motor
  • Delivers at an excellence level


  • Lack of LED light
  • Heaviest router

10 DEWALT DWP611PK Plunge Router

Dewalt DWP611PK Router Kit is another best routers by the DEWALT brand. With its least expensive features and a perfect motor, you can find it in the top-rated products quickly.

Moreover, if you are looking for a modest router, this is ideal for saving cash. The nickel-plated housing property lets you fine window/groove cutting, shaping, trimming, and fine chamfering.

It sounds simple, withholding several incredible features, and is best known as a top-selling product. First, built-in LED lights; this pretty standard feature lets you clear woodworking with more accurate results or outcomes.

DEWALT DWP611PK Plunge Router-Best Plunge Routers

You can use it as a plunge router or a fixed router simultaneously; hence it is well-recognized as a two-in-one router. Its stellar reputation stands it different and unique from many other plunge routers.

Quite an excellent handling power and grip make it a more reputable product. Moreover, its aluminum body ensures that it is much more sturdy and quite suitable for hardwoods.

It gives you peace of mind with three years of warranty so that you can use it fearlessly. The adjustment ring lets you easily control router bits’ depth within 1/64 inches of changing.

Moreover, the spindle lock button with a low-pressure system enables you to easily and comfortably bit change at any time.

The 1.25 HP motor is quite suitable for handling lighter-duty projects efficiently, such as routing small profiles, cutting door hinge profiles, and dovetails. Further, the router’s bit size may be varied from 16,000 to 27,000 RPM; hence, it provides you with an incredible range of adjustability.


  • LED let you see what you have done
  • Plunge base easily install
  • Durably constructed with aluminum
  • A warranty product
  • Best suitable for lighter-duty materials
  • Outstanding handling power/capability


  • It only comes with a ¼-inches collet
  • The lower end (16,000 RPM) is relatively high

Bottom Line

As we reviewed the top-rated and top-selling ten products with their detailed features and benefits. Further, for more clarification, we mentioned their pros and cons as well.

Now choose the best one for your use, depending on the type of work you will perform—for instance, looking for cutting straight grooves, dado joints, rabbet joints door hinges, or what else.

However, our top-picked plunge routers are all versatile in functionality and the least expensive. So, buying from one of these means saving cash as well.

Furthermore, all these selected products are reviewed after knee research; hence we make sure to pick the right thing in front of you.