Best Router Table Fence

The woodworker business is incomplete without the perfect router table fence, it is an essential part of their equipment, and an adequate router table fence will make the work so easy that it would seem like a breeze. A person cannot just go and buy a router table fence without making sure that it meets his needs adequately because it is not something you can buy repeatedly.

Best Router Table Fence

Here are the best router table fence picks for you to choose from for efficient woodwork. Check it out.

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools

This Router table fence is so precise in its working that we had to choose it as our top pick for this list; first of all, the micro-adjustable offset feature might be the selling point of this excellent router table fence. It can help you within a ¼ inch range.

You don’t have to do much work because when you lie both fences down, they are automatically equal and parallel to each other, so this is very easy to use the tool. Furthermore, this handy tool also has a 2 to ¼ inch hose and a dust collector of 2 to ½ inch, which I think is pretty cool. 

Best Router Table Fence

This router table fence is all you need because of the included variable throat capabilities, so you’d conveniently handle the router bits about up to 4 inches. There are four slots on the vertical portion, which manage the router bits that are up to 4 inches.

It is not that heavy to carry; 18 pounds is pretty lightweight when it comes to hardcore tools.


  • Woodpeckers precision tool is straightforward to use
  • You can put them together without much effort
  • The most precise and accurate measurements
  • It is the most easily adjustable router table fence
  • Ready for T-track


  • No router plate in the package

Taytools 300015 Deluxe

This sufficient router table fence might just be a revolution in the world of tools because of its pinpoint precision; many buyers are fans of how correctly well-built it is for such a small price. The sturdy aluminum material stays undamaged even when humidity is skyrocketing, so you never have to worry about the router table fence getting eroded. When we say it is 3/8 thick inches of perfection, we mean it.

The outer fence can be moved to 1/32 inch or 1/16 inch due to the unique system of 2 square-looking aluminum bars that slide over one side of 2 sets of the fence’s tracks in the outer fence portion.

The router table fence’s quality is top tier because of the smooth melamine coated MDF composing the fence faces, which are then set into four back-mounted sturdy knobs.

This Router table fence comes fully equipped with many accessories such as T-tracks on top and the front. You also get a bit guard, feather board, and an adjustable stop. This brilliant Router table fence also has a dust port with 2-1/2 inch OD and 2-1/4-inch ID opening.


  • It is available at a very affordable price
  • This router table fence is straightforward to assemble
  • The measurements are always accurate
  • Strong and heavy-duty equipment
  • Aluminum remains undamaged even in humidity season


  • The wide tape is too big for some buyers
  • The slot does not accept 5/16 inches’ bolts


This tool is not for the faint of the heart; a heavy-duty tool that is the answer to all your woody questions, this great router table fence can produce perfect box joints and dovetails in whatever style that you desire. The heavy-duty router table fence comes with a very convenient hi-rise 4 ½ inch fence head for vertical panel raising.

The router table fence comes equipped with an Incra TS-III table saw fence. The precision of the measurements is remarkable; thus, it is prevalent in the market. The surfaces remain to parallel automatically, which is very annoying when lacking in the right router table fence. It is my favorite router table fence because there are hardly any problems that a user might face when assembling or using it.


  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Easy to assemble
  • The machined surfaces are perfectly straight
  • Amazing for all kinds of woodwork
  • Long-lasting due to fantastic quality


  • Adjustments can cause an issue sometimes
  • Only accommodates routers tables that are 1 1/8 inch-1 3/8 inches

Taytools 300016 25 Inch Range

This solid router table fence comprises sturdy aluminum that can stand the test of extreme humidity. It is about 3/8-inch-thick with high-quality and robust aluminum built. The way tools are famous for their standard design of outer face fences can be moved up to 1/32 inch and 1/16 inch due to the shim system that is so smart.

This brilliant router table fence’s shim system comprises two sets of offset tracks in the fence face. The quality of this supreme router table fence is ensured by the smooth melamine-coated MDF that forms the four rear-mounted threaded knobs.

 There are T-tracks on the top and front, and this unique router table fence also comes fully equipped with a bit guard, feather board, and adjustable stop. Along with this fantastic deal, you also get a dust port with a 2 ½ inch OD and 2-1/4-inch ID opening.


  • Very affordable for the excess accessories
  • Very easy to put together
  • High-quality built due to Aluminum
  • Heavy duty and strong
  • Accurate measurements


  • No instructions for assembling

Deluxe Router Table Fence

Deluxe router table fence is one of my favorite picks for a reason because the deluxe router table fence is so convenient to use, the reason being that the company Peachtree Woodworking is an expert in making the best tools for woodworking. This company is of the top ones in woodwork, located in Georgia.

This sturdy router table fence is best in our opinion because of the two MDF fence plates being held up by strong aluminum with an ‘L’ shape fence. The best thing about this router is how it can fit router bits up to 3 ½ inches in thickness (Diameter). With notable features comes a convenient dust port, which envelops the opening between the 2 MDF fence sections. Many router table fences out there are always problematic when adjusting, but that is not the issue with the Deluxe Router Table.

The selling point of this excellent router table fence is the Aluminum built of the table fence. The reason is that the material is so sturdy, high quality, and damage-proof that one can always rest assured that the humidity would cause no damage to the router table fence. Thus, the router table fence can last for years and years without worrying about it. Buyers have also loved the way it accommodates surfaces made by other companies as well.

 The slots are ¼ inch wide and ¾ inch from the back edge, and 4 ½ inches from the side, so you don’t have to worry about your routers not fitting.


  • Strong and firm built
  • Solid heavy-duty router table fence
  • Equipped with many accessories
  • Aluminum built which stays sturdy even in humid weather
  • Available at an affordable price


  • The large gap between t-tracks
  • The fence isn’t suited for some router table saws

Bench Dog Tools Pro Fence

The Bench Dog is a favorite among buyers because of how heavy-duty and precise this router table fence is for woodwork. I love many things about the design; it is simple and doesn’t take much effort to assemble. As a buyer, you don’t want drama or returns when you are buying something for the long term or something as serious as woodwork; the quality is apparent when you witness the fence operate on the table.

The quality of the Bench Dog router table fence is impressive, all credited to the aluminum built, which is resistant to rust and damage, unlike other materials. The selling point and my favorite feature of this router table fence, rare, are the universal T-track on the front and the back. The T-track enables you to use your router table or a drill press to attach the feather boards and save your progress.

The universal acceptability is a top feature in this router table fence because it enables the user to use bolts that are ¼ inch, t-bolts, and 5/16 inch or ¼ inch hex-bolts. The Bench Dog router table fence comes fully equipped with the bit guard, and a 2 ½ inch dust port are available with the fence, so you can not worry about stopping and keep making progress. I think this router table fence is not only heavy-duty and robust but also the most precise router table fence that you can score for yourself at its price; it is a steal.


  • Strong, firm, and heavy-duty
  • Has universal acceptability
  • Adjustable T-track
  • Fully equipped with bit guard and 2-1/2 dust port
  • No tools are required to assemble this fantastic router table fence
  • The measurements are always precise and accurate
  • Aluminum built is damage proof for long-lasting use
  • It is available for an affordable price


  • The screws have tightened the dust hole and the shield, so it causes an issue sometimes
  • Some users complained that MDF fence faces are bowed

Peachtree Woodworking

Another excellent addition to the family, the Peachtree Woodworking PW1073, is another beautiful fence system that has caught our attention for the title of best router table fence with the numerous exciting features that it provides. The company designed it to work on almost every router out there, but it’s best suited for ones with a center mouth plate system.

Its design has aluminum interiors with UHMW inserts, making it very reliable and extremely durable. It comes with 32-inch pre-drilled aluminum, which will assist you to its full potential in making very accurate cuts.

Another great addition that makes the routing fence system one of the best router table fences is the feather board that assists it in supporting the wood piece. Still not convinced? Well, the feather-board also helps in keeping your hands safe while the surface stays clean, keeping those pesky drilling bits away.

The T-tracks also support mounting allowing the table to remain both smooth and effective at its job. Aside from all these beautiful features, the Peachtree Woodworking PW1037 also comes with tons of other features, some of them being a C-clamp system, a knob and bolt system, and even a uni-fence stop blocking, just to name a few. The fence can accommodate bits up to 3.5 inches with router dust mounting blocks to complement its numerous features even further. The attached shop Vac hose and the three mini-T-tracks make this table fence the best table fence for any router in general.

Considering the numerous amounts of features that this beauty of a router table fence provides, there is no mistaking that it can be regarded as one of the best if not the best router table fence out there in the market. If you are looking for a quality grade router table fence to match your equally quality grade router but are a little short of cash, this one will be the perfect fence for you!


  • Is pre-drilled
  • Is easy to work
  • An excellent built body
  • Great product for a modest prize
  • Is extremely efficient
  • Provides top-tier precision


  • The stop blocks are a little hard to deal with

Peachtree PW1098

Peachtree has once again outdone themselves with yet another excellent addition to the Peachtree family. Comprised of the finest extruded aluminum, the pre-drilled and lightweight PW1098 is a beautiful fence for almost every type of router with so much to offer while providing equally exceptional versatile usability.

The best part? It fits almost every table surface, making it an excellent choice for nearly anything adding to its already proven fantastic versatility. You can use it even on a drill-press tabletop router table or on bandsaw tables. The thing that helps it give it exceptional mounting adjustability is the “L” shape design, which is both neat and efficient to make use of. The “L” shape also helps mounting it onto T-tracks with bolts and knobs, making the usually complicated process much easier to deal with.

The center hole is another excellent addition to its already beautiful design, which helps ensure the perfect accumulation of router bits. The center hole, which is almost 25 inches, coupled with the already lightweight of fence (which is 2.2 pounds) are points that make this table fence an extraordinary and exceptional table fence for routers. The sturdy and unbendable aluminum frame is another excellent factor about this fence, making it one of the best, if not the best router table fence on this list. It has various extra advantages which outshine it from its peers.

A sturdy frame that does not bend, a 32-inch Fence is having two 1/4-Inch slots for mounting & center hole cut out, which is almost 25 inches, and an aluminum body.

 This all combined with the versatility and use in practically every kind of jig or table makes the Peachtree Woodworking PW1098 an exceptional router table fence and likely a force to be dealt with when considering its other peer.

 The numerous amounts of features while being so light weighted makes its wonderfulness even more unbelievable and is such a must-buy for anyone wanting to save a buck and get themselves a great router table fence for an equally lavish router.


  • It is effortless to use with a good design
  • Comprised of quality material to complement its simplicity
  • Works great with almost all types of router tables!
  • Great product for the price
  • The quality is further complimented by the sturdiness of the material


  • Does not come with extra kits

Powertec BS900RF

Spicing up the list is PowerTec with their new BS900RF, a beautiful and sturdy table fence for an equally dependable router. Although it is specifically designed to fit some router tables than others, it is still an excellent and reliable choice for any router table looking for a unique yet sturdy table fence.

The first significant quality that distinguishes itself is how it is both convenient and straightforward to use. Its specialty is that it is designed to give you the most straight, perfectly parallel lines every single time this beauty of a table fence is put to use. The earlier mentioned convenience part is conveniently designed to fit and perfectly grip onto any 11-¾ band saw table on the market.

Another defining feature of this exceptional fence for a router table, making it one of the best fences for router tables on our list, is its rugged and durable body. Comprised wholly of industrial-grade aluminum, the PowerTec BS900RF is indeed a powerful tool that gives it all in serving its user. High performance with an equally exceptional safety level to add is relatively uncommon with most fences on the market. Still, the PowerTec BS900RF makes it seem commonplace with how well it is executed to provide the qualities mentioned above. Just that fact makes it an exceptional or rather ingenious fence for any person looking to add a sturdy and dependable fence to their router table.

Its rigidness is almost unbelievable, making this fence, which is already one of the best fences for router tables, seem even more remarkable when coupled with how it will never fail to provide you with the most accurate results imaginable!

Thus, if you are looking for an excellent fence to match with your equally great router, look no further than this beautiful piece of work named the PowerTec BS900RF or instead of the best fence for router tables if the name sounds a little too long.


  • Is plenty adjustable with the almost any hand saw
  • Is practically a grab considering the price
  • Has an excellent rip cut
  • Has an excellent body build
  • Comes with proper packaging and all!


  • It has a slight problem with overloading and might break

JessEm 4010 Master Fence II

Looking for a quality fence system and also having a little bit extra money on your hands? Then the JessEm 4010 Master Fence would seem like the perfect fence for your hardworking money and router. It has many exceptional qualities that ingrains itself a spot on this list and position unique from all its peers.

The JessEm or rather best fence for a router’s first quality is in the early part every fence goes through before it is judged, the assembly. It can be easily put together with almost any router imaginable. Although the instruction manual that comes with is nothing short of a mess, it is made to endure and survive a few wrongdoings done to it, although anything too forceful is always ill-advised.

Its versatility and features make this great fence even more remarkable to the point that it can be considered without a doubt to be the best fence for a router. It has almost no significant flaws and is well received by the general population of buyers who have experienced it and its glory. Its signature quality is made for endurance, so feel free to utilize it to the best of your ability if you are either a rookie or a veteran at the routing business.

Overall, this fence is a must-buy for anyone wanting to brandish their router with the best possible fence imaginable, and with a reasonable price to add, this fence is one of the best, if not the best router table fence on this list.


  • Comprises of the highest quality material
  • To complement the earlier point, it also comes with a quality aluminum extrusion
  • The material is also extremely sturdy, making it extra reliable
  • Has a fast delivery unlike any other
  • Is adjustable to the user’s liking!
  • An entirely made product, designed for a perfect user best experience
  • Further complimenting the earlier point, it is also very accurate, making it a very reliable product!


  • The instruction manual is far from perfect and is honestly a little confusing

Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

If you are one with a hefty pocket and an eye for amazingly exceptional table fences, then look no further but the Kreg PRS1015 Router Table. Its efficiency and reliability are like no other before it, considering that the material used to make it is aluminum of the same kind used in airplanes, which brings a whole another definition to industrial-grade materials.

This exceptional art piece also comes with an equally great assembly compared to its other peers on this list. The assembly instructions and construction might seem a little too tedious or time-consuming compared to the others on the list. Still, it is exceptionally good at what it does, making all the time and effort utilized worth it.

Every part of this one-of-a-kind specimen in the router table fence world is unique and beautifully made. As mentioned above, if you are willing to dedicate a tad bit more time in its setup than you are used to with the other table fences, the Kreg PRS1015 or rather the best bar for a router table will give you results that would always exceed your expectations!

The only downside to this beauty would be the steep price to all of us lovely consumers. For a novice woodworker, I would hold off the must-buy recommendation because it would not seem much of a difference from your average fence for a router. However, if you are an avid woodworker looking to display your artistic talent fully, you would not be the least bit disappointed by this best fence for a router.


  • It Is made from the same type of aluminum used in airplanes!
  • Is extremely good at what it does allow cut boards to the perfect lengths
  • Comes with an adjustable stop position
  • Has excellent craftsmanship, well made and durable
  • Is very easy to align, almost too simple
  • Has a sturdy construction complementing its previously mentioned durability
  • Is useful in reducing measurement problems


  • Considering the quality grade materials involved, the price itself is a little above the average selling prices of most fences
  • The flip stop is priced less than ideal for the average shopper

These were some of our picks for the best router table fences that are top-rated in the market right now; you would want to invest in a router table fence that is long-lasting, preferably with aluminum built so it can resist the damage from weather.
 You would also need to make sure that the router table fence you are buying should be meeting your port thickness needs. The best ones out there will have t-tracks as well, and the ones that we have mentioned above are elementary to assemble for a person who doesn’t have much experience with building up woodwork tools. 
Pick whatever suits your needs and convenience level, and start on your projects today. I hope this helps.