Best Router Table Insert Plate

Are you looking for the most suited router table insert plate? Well, your search ends here. We have a collection of the best picks out there that would suit your equipment in the way that you desire it to fit.

Best Router Table Insert Plate

Would you believe us if we told you that different types of router table insert plates with various features would make your craftsmanship easier?

Moreover, improves your crafting awakening by enabling you to explore the features in new and creative ways. Come along and choose the best router table insert plate for yourself.

Rousseau 3509 Deluxe Router Base Plate

Our favorite router table inserts plates for a reason; not only is it best compatible with your heaviest router, but also it can work as a freehand tool. I love it, mainly because of the removable insert rings that can be switched based on different sizes. I was thrilled to know that you got a set of separate rings with this fantastic router table insert plate. 

You can use them with other routers of varying diameters, which I think is very multi-purpose and useful; not many router table insert plates offer this convenience. Like a cherry on top, the powerful rings make a 4-inch hole that goes nicely with the baseplate.

There are three more openings for your ease that range from 1-1/4 inch, 2-5/8 inch to 3-7/8 inch. You will also receive a shoulder pin that is about an inch in length. The router table insert plate is famous among users for its unique leveling system because of its support on its four corners; it keeps the plate from collapsing and damaging while holding the plate at complete balance.


  • A healthy plate that is resistant to damage
  • A one-inch-long shoulder pin for your convenience and safety
  • Additional removable insert rings of different sizes
  • Support at four corners to save the plate from falling
  • Perfect leveling system
  • Different openings that would go best with baseplates


  • The router table insert plate is a piece of heavy-duty equipment and can cause injuries if not used safely

Woodpeckers, Best Aluminum Router Table Insert Plate

If you want to spend your buck on a router table insert plate that is worth it, the woodpeckers are the way to go. For many reasons, I love it mostly for its rugged, durable nature dedicated to the aluminum built, making it resistant to rusting and any damage caused by weather.

It is super easy to work with as it is pre-drilled for triton models JOF-001, MOF-001, TRC-001, and TRA-001 routers. The material is high in quality and maybe the sturdiest router table insert plate out in the market, all dedicated to precision machined aluminum. Another thing that makes this plate your safest option is the plate’s leveling.

 It stays firm and tall without you worrying over it collapsing onto the surface and damaging your work. It has about 8 top accessible screws to level it. The plate’s balance is also maintained by the edge plungers that help you remove any slop between the router plate and the portion where the plate opens.

On top of everything, I am deeply impressed by the various starting pin locations on the router table insert plate along with the three twist-lock rings and a locking wrench along with each router plate. It makes it the best choice for a router table insert plate; if I could cheer for woodpeckers, I would.


  • The table insert plate is already drilled
  • The plate is resistant to damage due to the high-quality aluminum material
  • There are a lot of starting pin locations on the plate for your ease, as well as three lock rings.
  • There is no slop between the router and plate with edge plungers
  • Eight screws level your plate


  • It is a bit expensive, but with all the additional features it is worth every buck
  • You would have to fine-tune it a bit to level it with the table

Bench Dog Aluminum Router Plate C

You might have heard a lot about Bench Dog because of the newfound fame and how they are working the market with their unique products. Well, If you expect me not to sing their praises, you are wrong; they might be the best table insert plate for you to work on with because of many reasons. 

Firstly, the best thing about this router insert plate is the aluminum insert plate. There is a 1-1/2-inch standard insert and has every accessory that you would need to put it together, so the way I see it, you are all set with the new Bench Dog.

The design is flat and shiny, completely living up to its ‘new’ in the market’s reputation. If you something like a Triton tra001, you can count on Bench dog to be your pick.

The router table, when set and fitted with the router tightly on the slide, it gives you effortless and brilliant performance; drill a hole in the plate, which will enable you to reach the inside lift to arrange the router to the right way. The selling point has to be the high-quality aluminum plate, which is hard-coated anodized to prevent any chances of rusting due to the high humidity.

  The best thing about this heavy-duty and sturdy plate is that you don’t have to set it all on your own; you get step by step instructions for mounting it on router tables; if you haven’t worked with Bench Dog router insert plate before, I think you couldn’t choose better than this router insert plate.


  • Goes with almost all routing applications
  • The sturdy aluminum built is resistant against rusting and damage of most kinds
  • It is hard-coat anodized, which is rare in most plates
  • ¼ thickness
  • Instructions for mounting the plate come along with your brilliant router insert plate
  • Goes best with a Triton router


  • It is a sturdy plate and can sometimes have lightweight, portable workbenches because of its hard built.

KREG Molded Router Table Insert Plate

The market is full of cheap options that are just a recipe for a headache; however, KREG will not disappoint; not only is it good for your wallet, but this router table insert plate but also this one can be the best for your workstation.

If you are using a Triathlon router or something that is a bit sturdy and produces tons of torque, you should invest in an insert plate that is as strong as a comparison.

This router table insert plate has a perfect thickness of 3/8 inches to make the best cuts; it can certainly handle all that heavy torque that your router equipment produces.

I love that we can enjoy three level-lock reducing rings of 25mm, 30mm, and 67mm, along with a ring wrench that keeps it in place and near the surface. Although whenever flushed, it enables you to change to move it and expand the insert plate area.

KREG is not pre-drilled, but it won’t be too hard to adjust, especially if you have a Triton router. The pre-drilled holes and all equipment will work for the triton and a porter-cable as well as a Bosch. Is it sturdy? It might not go well with lightweight gear.


  • A phenolic plate that is damage resistant
  • Available at a very affordable price
  • It has about three level lock-rings of 25mm, 30mm, and 67mm
  • A ring wrench that keeps the router table insert plate close to the surface
  • Undrilled and pre-drilled for separate routers
  • Very easy to use router plate
  • Compatible with large router plates as well


  • You will need to get plate levelers to balance your plate separately along with the router table insert plate
  • The position of red rings can cause an issue inaccurate cuts sometimes
  • Some users complain about it not being flat enough.

Bosch Adapter Plate Sturdy

A low-budget, good-performance insert plate for router tables, the Bosch Adapter Plate does not fail to impress with the countless numbers of qualities it provides against the minimal shortcomings it has. Compared to the other routers, this multiple-holed beauty is more comfortable fitting than any of its peers, which alone can classify the Bosch Adapter Plate as the best router table insert plate.

 Moreover, it has a reasonable price, and the insert plate is adjustable with just about any standard router table. However, it has the most outstanding compatibility with Bosch routers (mostly because of Bosch-like making adapters that fit their routers better).

The quality assurance of this product is also as unbelievable as is the price of such a fantastic product. It is a replaceable part guaranteed by the O.E.M to adjust to the tables. The sturdiness and the durability of the aluminum plate combined with the three other rings makes this one of the best or rather exceptional insert plates for a router table. 

The front part would look oddly mesmerizing to you due to the measurement scale and Multiple holes etched on it. There will also be four angles right on its corners, which are meant to be a pair of punches to ensure the perfect user adjustability with your preferred router table. It makes this already great router one of the best if not the best router table insert plate on this list!

If that was not enough to convince you, this fantastic insert plate has even more in store for you. The best router table insert plate also comes with adjustable wrenches for depth adjustment, although in some cases, it may or may not be missing some of the mounting screws. 

Yet overall, The Bosch Adapter Plate is an excellent choice for most lightweight router tables and coupled with a reasonable price and a plate thick enough to support a router on the tabletop. You can see why we consider this the best router table insert plate.


  • Comes with multiple pre-drilled holes
  • Versatile to use and fits almost any type of router table, especially with Bosch type ones
  • Provides for a smooth table surface and an equally smooth experience for the majority of its users


  • It might require some level of sanding on it to refinish when used the first time on any table

MLCS 9338 All-In-one Router Plate Kit

The MLCS 9338 is another excellent addition to this list due to its numerous features, distinguishing it from its peers. As the name suggests, it is a literal All-in-one router plate kit with everything required to secure a mounting router to the table. It is also quite literally the best router table insert plate that can support almost any conceivable router in the market.

The plate itself is comprised of 3/8-inch-thick phenolic plastic that is both heavy-duty and long-lasting, checking the requirements of both sturdiness and durability of the “What to expect in the best router table insert plate.”

Another great feature of this router plate kit is that it has two removable rings, producing three numerous bit openings supporting the market’s most common routers. It is also incredibly distinctive from all its other peers in how it makes a 1-3/16 inch opening to fit the bushing like Porter cable.

The most common feature that you will find in this sensational insert plate for a router table is that it includes a steel starting pin to help carve woods; “9-1/32 “x12-3/32” pre-drilled mounting holes, magnets, and adjustable screws.

 But it is still a very distinguishing and excellent choice for a router table. These features combined will give you a grasp on why this insert plate is one of our top candidates for the best router table insert plate both for newcomers and professionals to the activity.


  • Comprised of 3/8-inch-thick phenolic plastic
  • Has and leaves no scratches on the surface!
  • Comes with a steel starting pin
  • The router plate also comes with pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Also comes with adjustable screws and magnets
  • To help with installation, concentric rings also come with this fantastic router plate
  • Has two removable rings that give up to 3 different bit openings


  • As mentioned above, it also includes magnets, which may inconvenience some users more than it benefits others

MLCS 9334 Thick Aluminum Router Plate

Another great addition to the family, MLCS once again outdoes its competition with the 9334 Thick Aluminum Router Plate. The name itself may leave something to be desired but do not be fooled as this is an excellent product for a reasonable price.

Besides having many admirable features, the MLCS 9334 is the as the name suggests, both sturdy and durable. To complement its excellent physique even more, the MLCS 9334 or best router table insert plate is also very much adjustable with even the most common router tables in the market.

 It can even support heavy routers without plate sag, making this already great router one of the best if not the best router table insert plate. The MLCS plate also comes loaded with a starter pin, and three locking insert rings with features like leveling screws and magnets that ensure that the plate is securely inserted into your choice of the table!

Not only that, but the size of the openings that this plate brings is extremely common to the router market, even amongst the less common routers as well. The opening sizes in question are 3-¼, 1-7/16, 1-3/16, with a black insert ring also available to customize for yourself! 

Aside from the creative part of this already best router table insert plate, it also uses a magnetic system’s incredible technique to secure the plate in a table and include a steel starter pin that helps curve the wood pieces. Pre-marked mounting hold indentations but not pre-drilled also can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on person to person. 

Still, we can all agree that the plate not being anodized is a disadvantage overall. It does, however, a gold-painted body to make up for the lack of anodizing, which more or less makes up for it making this insert plate one of the best if not best router table insert plates.


  • ¼ Aluminum plate guarantees perfect sturdiness from an already excellent product!
  • Mostly supports heavy routers but never sag
  • An option for customization of the opening is also available!
  • Magnets and leveling screws are both included!
  • The striking aluminum plate even comes with pre-marked mounting holes
  • It also does not come pre-drilled, which is a convenience for many and inconvenience to some


  • It is not anodized; neither is it pre-drilled, which may serve as an inconvenience for some
  • Golden paint may or may not cause scratches when it is bought brand new

Big Horn 18100 Router Table Insert Plate

Big Horn joins the competition with a unique insert place for a router table, especially the heavy-duty kind. The 9 “x12″ x3/8” router table insert plate, unlike its competitor MLCS, has refrained from using magnets in their insert plate by the base due to some people viewing attractions as more of an inconvenience. Still, if you are not one of those people, you can get them to custom order yours with a magnet.

Not only that but this striking or rather best router table insert plate also comes with spring rings for small cutters, which can allow multiple sizes of openings making the already fantastic insert plate even more versatile and useful. 

The bit openings are not uncommon are quite compatible with most router tables in the market, with most of the respective ring sizes universal. The ring sizes in question being 1 – 1/4″, 2 – 5/8″ and 3 – 7/8″. Most of the bit sizes also maintain the prescribed guidelines of the Porter-Cable routers, making it an excellent choice for users and allowing a synergy with Porter router cables and its class.

To allow you to work with freehand tools, the Big Horn 18100 also comes with shoulder pins that only weigh around 3 lbs making this already excellent and distinctive insert plate the best router table insert plate. 

The size of the great big horn 181000 is almost 9″ x12 “x3/8″, giving the dimensions of approximately 17.9″ x 10.4″ x 0.2”, which speaks for itself on the part of how it can house even heavy-duty routers efficiently and with precision. It makes the Big Horn 18100 an overall amazing insert place and one of the best router table insert plates on this list!


  • This unique insert plate can even support a heavy router on it
  • The ability to snap out rings is also available, allowing the user to make numerous cutters
  • It also comes with shoulder pins!


  • No instruction manual for this one, which may serve as a hazard for any first-timer to the activity


The picks that we selected for you are certainly not available for router table insert plates. Still, they certainly meet the everyday needs of people when it comes to woodwork. The insert table you buy extensively depends on what kind of router kit you have.

 If you prefer anything lightweight, then purchase something sturdy that is not the best option for you, or if you have equipment that produces an enormous torque, you should never get a light plate. 

A buyer needs to make sure that his router table insert plate’s durability is long-lasting because rusting is very common. Hence, they need to get something that is of damage-resistant material.