Best Router Tables – Buyer Guide Never Seen Before

Here are the top 12 Best Router Tables you can buy in 2023 with everything you need to know about each.

With the enduring work hours nowadays, routers tables have been termed essentials. Their purchase is often linked with more significant productivity hours.

To fuel this demand, many brands have come up with unique router tables that fulfill this criterion, and from these, we have listed down our favorites with the reasoning here.

Best Router Tables to buy in 2023

Best Overall1
best benchtop router table
Bosch RA1181 Router Table

The perfect table for all DIY projects and casual woodworkers, Bosch RA1181, is the bestselling router table.

Great Value2
best benchtop router table
KREG PRS1045 Precision Router Table

KREG offers this with its multi-purpose and high precision guaranteed router table.

Best Premium3
best cheap router table
Dremel 231 Router Table

The compact space saver Dremel 231 Router Table is indeed something taken out of the dream.

Best Professional4
best skrill router table
SKIL RAS900 Router Table

RAS900 Router Table is the best when it comes to beginners working on their projects.

Best Portable5
router tables
KREG PRS2100 Router Table

KREG presents the perfect routing option for everyone with its PRS2100 router table

Best Budget6
best benchtop router table
Woodhaven 6000 Router Table

Horizontal tables are the safest option for vertical panel bits which do not require a router to be mounted.

Metal Router Table7
router tables
Xtreme power US Deluxe Router Table

XtremepowerUS is another favorite with innovative features offered at an affordable rate.

Best Universal Router8
best budget router table
Grizzly Industrial T31636

This router table is the best in terms of space and sturdiness.

Router Table Combo9
best skrill router table
BOSCH RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

This BOSCH product offers maximum stability and is undoubtedly one of the top favorites of all woodworkers.

Pro Max Router Table10
best deals on router table
Bench Dog Tools 40-102

This industrial-grade router table is incredibly promising at doing its job. With Bench Dog Pro Max router table

Best HP Router Table11
best budget router table
Chicago Electric HP Router Table

Chicago Electric’s 1/3 4 Router Table comes to the rescue of all woodworkers.

Good Value12
best cheap router table
Festool 203158 CMS GE Router Table

Festool CMS GE Router Table is perhaps the best one if you are looking to achieve a high degree of precision

Bosch RA1181 Router Table

The perfect table for all DIY projects and casual woodworkers, Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181, is the bestselling router table. Designed to look sturdy yet stylish, the table is incredibly reliable and available at an affordable rate in the market.

Featuring a wide enough desk space combined with a smart dust collection system, Bosch has included all much-needed features in one place. Moreover, with the smooth and flat desk texture, RA1181 minimizes friction and prevents objects from sliding across.

Bosch RA1181 Router Table Review

The table consists of only three major parts and can be assembled quite easily. Along with this, Bosch’s RA1181 comes with an incredibly reliable aluminum router plate. This is made to be compatible with various routers while its three snap-in inserts allow it to be customized according to user preference. Bosch has indeed designed the most feasible table for all its users.

Equipped with a storage pocket and cord-wrap storage areas, this table organizes accessories and saves the workspace. Additionally, the adjustable aluminum fence promises optimal precision, using its MDF faceplates and feather boards.

To conclude, Bosch’s RA1181 Router Table is indeed well prepared to manage all casual projects and tasks. Hence, it has been rated 4.5 stars on Amazon.


  • Dust collection port to eliminate debris
  • Sufficient desk space
  • Rigid aluminum mounting plate supports different routers
  • Affordable price


  • The power switch is not durable
  • Takes time to level the desk

KREG PRS1045 Precision Router Table

Ever heard of a router table that gathers all essential features and can be adjusted according to the customer preference? KREG offers this with its multi-purpose and high-precision guaranteed router table.

This PRS1045 offers a vast table space coupled with a sleek T-shape fence to offer optimal versatility while in use. This fence also is made to be adjustable and secured through paddle locks.

KREG PRS1045 Precision Router Table Review

Its measuring scale further allows for exact measurements to be made and accuracy maintained. Secondly, through its MDF core manufacturing, the KREG router table absorbs vibration and makes the table perfectly stable.

Whereas, its rigid surface and steel reinforcing to flatten out the tabletop allow objects to be glided across smoothly. With its adjustable heavy-duty stand, PRS1045 supports customizable routing and levels uneven surfaces.

In addition to this, predrilled holes in the stand can be used to mount accessories with great ease. Rated as 4.5 stars on Amazon, KREG PRS1045 is an innovatively designed router table, offering maximum facilities for its buyers.


  • Independent and adjustable fences
  • Offers precision using its measuring scale
  • A stable and flat surface
  • Easy to assemble


  • May be expensive

Dremel 231 Router Table

The compact space saver Dremel 231 Router Table is indeed something taken out of the dream. Attached with a workbench, the router table boosts working experience and productivity hours.

Designed to be versatile, Dremel 231 supports a variety of projects with any shaping or unusually shaped wood bits. Secondly, with its spacious yet compact design, a balance between tidiness and organization is maintained. But if you still require more space, the Dremel router table is prepared to offer you this through its easy fitting of a small workshop.

Dremel 231 Router Table Review

Made to facilitate its buyers, the table has a smooth and flat top to allow for easy movement across. Whereas, using its adjustable fences, Dremel gives the customer authority to lock them in place and broaden up to their demands. All of these features packed to be sold at an incredibly affordable rate make this router table another must-have.

The simple design with the plastic knobs and screwdriver slots lowers the time and effort put into its assembling by a large margin. With an Amazon rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, Dremel 231 is undoubtedly a simple yet functional router table for all basic project designs.


  • A compact router table is easy to slot and groove in other shapes
  • 8×6 inch worktable can bear light-duty projects easily
  • Backed by a one-year manufacture warranty
  • Affordable Rate


  • The vague manual guide makes it hard to assemble
  • Ideal for light-duty projects only

SKIL RAS900 Router Table

Often termed as the best product of SKIL by far, the RAS900 Router Table is the best when it comes to beginners working on their projects. To begin with, forget all the hours spent assembling this pre-assembled product.

The Router Mounting makes it possible to change bits easily while this table requires little to no leveling. RAS900 is the best compact router table with its foldable legs and storage bag feature, making its transportation light and comfortable.

SKIL RAS900 Router Table Review

Along with this, the laminated adjustable MDF face fence work with the height gauge to offer optimal precision. Instantly attached and detached router mounts ease the use of this router table further while the height gauge adds to its accuracy.

Moreover, the inclusion of a Starter pin and guard support all shaped workpieces considerably and boosts cut accuracy. Also, the two feather boards assist in achieving precise routing by guiding the workpieces.

SKIL RAS900 Router Table is also included in our precise selection of Best Router and Table Combo so if you like, check that out!

Conclusively, SKIL RAS900 is an efficient router table that conserves time and power. This is backed by many users who rated it to be 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


  • Accessories storage to save space and store cables and other essentials
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with its foldable legs
  • Sold pre-assembled, saving time and effort
  • Accurate routing and cuts using feather boards and Starter pin


  • Comes with no manual
  • Plastic parts make it prone to damage and not reliable for long-term use
  • Wobbly legs

KREG PRS2100 Router Table

KREG presents the perfect routing option for everyone with the Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table. Let’s start with its edge-banded MDF tabletop, which is resistant to both noise and vibration.

The high laminated skin ensures easy movement of materials, further adding to the table’s ruggedness. Moreover, with a wide Precision Router Insert Plate, PRS2100 can hold gigantic routers.

KREG PRS2100 Router Table Review

The latest Level-Loc reducing rings secure flush with the plate while the laser engraved markings on its underside allow for easy mounting of routers. Tired of looking for the right fence size in router tables? KREG takes care of this through its easily adjusted and stable fences in PRS2100.

Quarter-turn locking levers ensure that the fences stay at their set levels whereas the individual sliding faces offer more excellent workpiece support.

Additionally, the stamped steel manufacturing and impact-proof Micro Dot surface make this router table an incredibly long-lasting one.

All of these features are finished with an incredibly quiet routing noise to make the working experience a pleasant one. Indeed all of this router table’s users agree about its efficiency and give it a solid 4.5-star rating out of 5.


  • The extra-wide and smooth tabletop surface
  • Vacuum shroud to a tidy workplace
  • Quiet routing
  • Well priced


  • Insert plate has to arranged after every use
  • MDF is primarily impacted by humidity

Woodhaven 6000 Router Table

Horizontal tables are the safest option for vertical panel bits which do not require a router to be mounted. Woodhaven 6000 Horizontal Router Table has been designed, keeping in mind this category.

With its solid phenolic sides, this table maximizes strength and stability. Secondly, its wide 18×24 dimensions offer ample space for all types of Tenon projects.

Woodhaven 6000 Router Table Review

Weighing only 30 lbs, Woodhaven 6000 is equipped with knobs on the crank brace to make quick changes in height. It also supports up to 8” of height adjustment range.

Along with this, the hold-in and out facility makes it possible to collect accurate successive readings when matching moldings. While the shop vac hook-up underneath directs debris to the outlet and tidies the workspace.

Backed by a lifetime warranty against material defects, Woodhaven 6000 promises to be the most reliable router top ever. With its easy assembling guide, the customer’s convenience is prioritized from the very first day of its use. Having collected a rating of 4.6 out, it is crystal clear that Woodhaven 6000 is worth the money and adored by its users.


  • High-quality material and easy to assemble
  • Stable with safe cutting options
  • Easy and instant height adjustments
  • Spacious tabletop with debris cleaner


  • May be expensive

Xtreme power US Deluxe Router Table

XtremepowerUS is another favorite with innovative features offered at an affordable rate. Steel-legged manufacturing coupled with a rigid aluminum mounting plate make the US Deluxe Router Table incredibly stable and firm.

Furthermore, with a workspace of 34” and construction from durable aluminum, this table is quite spacious along with supporting heavy-duty projects. The built-in scale offered with Xtremepower US deluxe allows for accurate measurements and indexing to be done.

Read more about it here: Xtreme Power US Deluxe Router Table Review

Xtreme power US Deluxe Router Table Review

By making use of its grooved surface, chips and debris are collected and kept at bay. It works with the dust collection port to vacuum this debris and tidy up the workspace.

In contrast, its lightweight construction makes it portable yet robust. Finally, the push-out fences installed boosted joining capabilities and led to an easy flattening of broad edges.

The Master Power Switch distinguishes XtremePower US from others by making it an electric router table, supporting up to 115 volts. Having scored 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, XtremePower US Deluxe promises to offer the necessities required at the lowest price.


  • Quick and precise indexing
  • Wide tabletop with lightweight
  • Dust collection port to get rid of debris on the workspace
  • Cheap Price


  • Complex assembly
  • The top is rough and does not allow objects to slide

Grizzly Industrial T31636

This router table is the best in terms of space and sturdiness. The steel and extruded aluminum fence construction enhances the stability of Grizzly Industrial and allows it to bear heavy-duty weights. At the same time, the adjustable side-to-side fences make it customizable as per user preference.

Grizzly Industrial T31636 Review

Along with this, the dimensions of 15×23 make Grizzly a spacious table sold in a compact size. Its offered T-slot can be used to attach feather boards or jigs. Grizzly Industrial T31636 Benchtop Router Table weighs incredibly little, which makes it lightweight and portable to be carried around.

Furthermore, with its leveling feet, Grizzly Industrial can be placed on any workbench and go along with it. It comes with an installed dust port and adaptor that clears up any mess and debris on the table within a few seconds.

Lastly, the clear router bit guard protects the user from operations while offering maximum visibility to them. Backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty and rated with 3.6 stars on Amazon, Grizzly Industrial T31631 might not offer exaggerated features, but it promises to get the job done.


  • Wide tabletop surface
  • Efficient dust collection system with adaptor
  • Adjustable side-side fences for customizability
  • Leveling feet and lightweight makes it easy to be placed on a workbench
  • Clear polycarbonate router guard


  • Costly

BOSCH RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

This BOSCH product offers maximum stability and is undoubtedly one of the top favorites of all woodworkers. With its foldable legs and lightweight, the bench can easily be folded to be transported and stored in compact places.

In addition to this, Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table is perfect for immediate setup through its efficient router mounting system. This also allows for customizable bit adjustments and requires no leveling. In comparison, its onboard storage is perfect for accommodating router bits and equipment.

BOSCH RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table Review

The laminated tabletop is another plus point of BOSCH RA1141 which ensures smooth movement of objects. While the MDF on the top assists in making accurate cuts, laminated MDF faceplates are adjustable.

This maximizes the support offered by RA1141 and makes it reliable for use. Lastly, this router table of BOSCH’s comes pre-assembled to minimize user effort and time consumption.

The designed bit height gauge further eases its setting up process, and the starter pin included boosts the control over the curved workpiece.

Generating a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the Bosch RA1141 router table is undoubtedly one of the best and is commended by all users for its exceptional performance.


  • Ultra-portable design and lightweight
  • Laminated MDF tabletop
  • Adjustable MDF plates for more fantastic support
  • High-quality manufacturing


  • Flimsy legs
  • Not durable

Bench Dog Tools 40-102 Pro Max Router Table

This industrial-grade router table is incredibly promising at doing its job. With Bench Dog Pro Max router table, you can not only adjust but rotate fences using a dual fence slot configuration.

This maximizes the already wide tabletop provided. Look for Router tables to fit in the most compact spaces. Look no further since Bench Dog Pro Max wins in this aspect.

Its cast-iron top combined with the meter gauge track can be adjusted to fit in no slops.

Bench Dog Tools 40 102 Review

Along with this, the heavy-duty aluminum frame construction of the router table makes it flat and square. At the same time, the MDF subfences can be adjusted without requiring any additional tools and suiting a zero-clearance setup. Bench Dog’s third miter slot makes it perfect for crosscutting sleds.

In contrast, its installed T-slot can easily mount equipment such as feather boards. The 2 ½ inch dust collection port is another feature to keep things tidy on the tabletop.

All of these features offered have gained Bench Dog Tools Pro Max a score of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, this router table is one of the very best.


  • Pro Fence allows for easy and quick mounting
  • Can be stored in compact spaces
  • High-quality construction and functionality
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty


  • The extension cannot be perfectly aligned
  • No on and off switch on the mounting plate

Chicago Electric HP Router Table

Chicago Electric’s 1/3 4 Router Table comes to the rescue of all woodworkers. With its 19-gauge steel construction, Chicago Electric offers the most extraordinary stability and strength when in use. At the same time, a composite table top ensures that the workspace is flat and smooth at all times.

Additionally, a dust collection port is installed to prevent the tablespace from getting messy and protect the worker from debris. A plastic guard further adds to this by protecting your face from the dust while providing a visible view of the workpiece.

Chicago Electric HP Router Table Review

Chicago Electric router and table are the perfect fit together. With a quick stop, and electric brake equipped for sudden disturbances, a 1/3 4 HP router is perfect for tackling unexpected circumstances.

The MDF on the tabletop absorbs vibrations and offers a smooth surface when in use. With a weight of only 28 pounds, this router table is portable and light when being carried.

Also, the adjustable holes make it possible to router different router sizes easily. The mounting holes are another plus, maximizing the amount of stability that Chicago Electric offers.

All of these facilities offered at an affordable rate make the Chicago Electric 1/3 4 HP Router Table an incredibly amazing one. With a rating of 3.5 out of 5 on Amazon, it is clear that the majority of users agree with this verdict.


  • Flat, smooth, and vibration-resistant tabletop
  • Mounting holes and 19-gauge steel make it stable and firm in use
  • Portable and durable construction
  • Affordable rate


  • Frames are not that robust
  • Does not include feather boards

Festool 203158 CMS GE Router Table

Festool CMS GE Router Table is perhaps the best one if you are looking to achieve a high degree of precision. With its seamless system integration, CMS GE offers optimal precision and ease without needing to hassle paperwork through its 1400 and 1010 routers.

Not only this, using the CMS system, dust is collected and cleaned up just as it is produced. This saves time and effort that is usually spent on keeping the workspace tidy. Its foldable legs and compact footprint design make it portable and efficient to store in compact places.

Read More about it here: Festool CMS GE Router Table Review

Festool 203158 CMS GE Router Table Review

Furthermore, the Festool CMS Router table is equipped with an entirely adjustable fence combined with precision micro-adjustment to offer optimal customizability. With its sliding tabletop, the workspace can always be enlarged to suit the user’s requirements and offer greater control over the workpiece.

The Chip guard, combined with the Starter Pin included in the Festool GE Router table, offers guidance while cutting along with minimizing exposure to the cutter. Additionally, the attached T-slot can be used for easy mounting of cutting accessories.

Backed by its 3-year Festool warranty, this router table is another adored product of the brand. With 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, it is crystal clear that CMS GE Router Table has gained a following through its efficiency and feasibility.


  • Immediate dust control and extraction compatibility
  • Flexible, portable, and perfect for packed spaces
  • Fully adjustable fence and integrated router lift to customize according to user preference
  • Backed by a three-year manufacturer warranty


  • Vague assembly instructions
  • Sharp edges can result in cuts and bleeding

Buying Guide For Router Tables 2023

Router Tables are often an expensive investment. Hence the customer should be sure that any router table they choose is worth the money and effort. To help decide this, many factors are checked before purchasing the final item. These include:

Tabletop Quality

The table surface is the most significant feature of any router table. This is the area where your work takes place; hence it should be flat and rigid enough to bear your project weight. MDF is often used to achieve this effect and make the top vibration-proof by absorbing the waves.

Lamination is another plus point of tabletops. It makes the surface smoother and allows easy movement of objects across. In contrast, a cast iron top is the best if you are looking to lessen the vibrations by a considerable mark. 

Insert Plate Quality

Plate quality is another essential when buying a router table. The Insert Plate is responsible for bearing the weight of the router and must be able to support it. Phenolic plastic or aluminum manufacturing help make this stronger while non-MDF bases offer consistency to the router. 

Dust Collection Port

Using a router produces debris and dust on the table. Although the dust collection port offers no exception for the dusk mask that the user wears, it is only a matter of time before debris starts to sneak in through it.

It is vital to collect and dispose of this immediately to clean up the tabletop and prevent dust exposure to the user. Hence, a dust collection port comes in handy with a router table and should not clog when in use.

Fence Adjustment

Another significant feature to always consider is the fence adjustment of the router table. Adjustable fences not only make working easier but save time as well. They are available in one- and two-piece designs along with allowing their height to be customized. 

The quality of these fences is essential to be looked at. If they are constructed from low-quality material, not only will it waste your money but time and effort spent in correcting them. These cheap are not long-lasting, and their quality should always be checked.

Router Compatibility

Often router tables are designed to be compatible with specific routers only. The customer should check whether their router is on the compatibility list or not. All-in-one plates are also used, although the user should know that the holes drilled in it decrease the structural integrity. 

Base Quality and size

The base size is decided by the user and depends upon the project they plan to do on the surface. It should not fall behind the optimal size of the base but instead, be greater than that to offer maximum space and support while in use.

Base quality is significant in determining the stability and durability of any router table. These range from wood, MDF, and steel construction. Steel base offers the best performance by minimizing vibrations and lasting the longest while wood and MDF are perfect for easy mounting of routers. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

What is the purpose of a router table?
Router tables are designed for professional workers and woodcutters. Additionally, they are used for DIY massive and small-duty projects which require accurate and precise wood cutting. 

Are Router Tables Durable?
This varies from the construction material and quality used for every router table. Plastic manufacturing is not the best in regards to durability, whereas aluminum and steel construction is the best. 

What is the best size for a router table?
The size depends upon the work that the user intends to do with the router table. Generally dimensions of 24” deep by 36” broad support most projects but the more significant the workspace of the table, the more excellent support it offers.
How can I maintain my router table?
Just like assembling, maintaining any router table requires a manual guide. This manual explains in detail the dos and don’ts of the table. Debris also needs extraction to prevent clogging of the system while the customer service is available to cater to any other issues encountered.

Final Verdict: 

Router Tables not only make working on projects convenient but also speed up the process. With many brands coming into play, we have listed our favorites in the category with the factors that make them the best. Now, it’s entirely up to you to decide what router table is the best for you and your project.