Best Table Saws for Dado Cuts in Market [Review and Buyers Guide]

Looking for the Best Table Saws for Dado Cuts? If yes then you are at the right place!

For every woodworker out there, having the skill of making different joints is a must. And between many joints, a dado cut is one of the most strong and easiest ones to make.

If you are either a newbie or a professional, this cut for sure comes your way.

Though you can make it using a router, trust me, it can only be pulled off if you are a professional and have years of experience.

So what can a normal person do then?

The answer is “Table Saw”. For this, you need the dado blades to cut a perfect groove in a single go.

7 Best Table Saws for Dado Cuts to Buy for Better Woodworking

If you are asking yourself what’s the best one to buy? Don’t worry, check out this comparison table as we get you a detailed review on the top table saws for dado cuts with a helpful buying guide!

Our Pick1
BOSCH 10″ 4100XC-10 Worksite Table Saw

What else I can say, It’s BOSCH. You know they are the experts in making our lives easier.

Makita 2705- 10 Inches Table Saw
Makita 2705- 10″ Table Saw

For professional accuracy and easy-use features this table saw is the best option.

SKIL TS6307-00 10 Inch Table Saw
SKIL TS6307-00 10″ Table Saw

Affordable price with top accuracy and ease of use. Best if you are starting your workspace.

Metabo HPT C10RJS 10-Inch Table Saw
Metabo HPT C10RJS 10″ Table Saw

Get numerous features along with this Table Saw.

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw
DEWALT DWE7491RS 10″ Table Saw

Best of best, it has a powerful 15.0 Ampere battery that runs at a speed of 4800 RPM.

Rockwell RK7323 Portable Tabletop Saw

If you are looking for a highly-featured tool, then this portable tabletop saw is the best option.

Sawstop JSS-120A60 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw
Sawstop JSS-120A60 10″ Jobsite Table Saw

The most precise and reliable table saw with a ripping capacity of 25.5 inches.

Now you have an overview of the big fish in the market. Let’s have an overview of what’s a dado cut and what are some of its advantages.

What is a dado Cut?

A dado cut, often known as dado grooves, is one of the most straightforward joints any woodworker can make. They consist of a three-sided and squared canal-shaped furrow on the flat side of the wood.

On this furrow, you can easily fit another piece of wood, thus making it a base.

You should know one thing though it’s the easiest to make, it doesn’t mean it’s not the strongest. The truth is, that this joint has an intense vertical sheer resistance because of its build. For this, most woodworkers prefer it for cabinets and shelves.

Advantages of Dado Cuts:

  • Strong and easy
  • Best to form the base
  • You can work with any size
  • With time it gets stronger
  • Works wonders in the limited spacing

To make them, you need to have special dado blades. But what are those, and how do they work? Let’s find this out!

What are Dado Blades?

A dado blade is a circular blade that cuts a broader curve than a regular saw blade. You can use it either in sets to adjust the width to your requirements.

You can find a Dado blade in two different types.

  • Wobble Dado Blade:

With this blade, you don’t need anything else. The reason is that the single blade wobbles back and forth to create a nice and clean channel.

For adjusting the width, it has a scale on its center with accurate numbers on it.

But the thing is, manufacturers do not make this blade anymore. Even though you can find it in garage sales or second-hand stores, finding a brand new is a little uncertain.

And some people also complained about the crowned bottom it leaves because of all the wobbling.

  • Stacked Dado Blade:

When you ask someone for a brand new Dado blade, I can say for sure that they’ll hand you a stacked Dado blade. With accuracy and precision, this new technology is every woodworker’s preference.

It comes with two outer blades, several chipper blades, and a few shims. With the help of chippers and shims, you can set the desired width per installation.

It gives you extra accuracy and saves a lot of time.

Use of Saw Tables to Make Dado Cuts:

We know we can make dado cuts without a saw table, but it’s going to be tricky, Right? So to ease this fundamental woodworking step, we can use table saws.

But can we use our regular table saws? No, the answer is clear No!

You should for sure look for table saws that can work fine with a Dado blade. Note it down; not every table is compatible with a dado blade!

So, if you want to upgrade yourself as a woodworker or are just a newbie in the field, I highly recommend buying a Dado-compatible table saw.

Have a look here what are the best options available with key features and expert reviews.

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw - Best Table Saws for Dado Cuts

First on my list is a product by a name that marked its place on the high levels of the woodworking tools industry. The accuracy of the DEWALT tools is what makes it eligible for every woodworker’s workspace.

If you’ve been working in this field for a long time, it means you probably have a few products by this brand in the workshop. So why not another one? Let’s get into the features.

Key Features
  • 10 inches carbide blade with 24 teeth, a rolling stand with a miter gauge, a push stick, a rip fence, two-blade wrenches with an assembly manual.
  • For fast-working, it has a powerful 15.0 Ampere battery that runs at a speed of 4800 RPM.
  • It comes with a rolling stand for easy handling.
  • It has a 32.5 inches rip capacity and 5/8 inches arbor size to work with larger pieces.
  • For easy working, it has 2.5 inches dust collection port.
  • For fast and smooth fence adjustment, it comes with a Rack and Pinion telescoping fence.
  • This saw table is compatible with an 8 inches dado blade with 13/16 inches width size.
  • Its stands can roll and break down to give stability and portability.


  • High Ripping Capacity.
  • large Dust Collection Port.
  • Rack and Pinion Telescoping Fence.
  • Powerful 15 A Motor.
  • Use Less Space for Storing.
  • Easy to Setup.


  • Wheels may cause working issues.

Why We Choose This Product:

When choosing an expensive tool like a saw table, quality is the only feature you’d expect not to be absent. Right? With this DEWALT 10-inch (DWE7491RS) Table Saw, you don’t have to worry a bit about it. It’s reasonable and comes with great features.

If you don’t want to compromise on a brand, then this one is one in a hundred for you. Catch it right away!

Makita 2705- 10 Inches Table Saw

Makita 2705- 10 Inches Table Saw

The second table saw is yet another brand that tops the market. And specifically, with this product, Makita brings out the best of the features. Professionals are undoubtedly going to love the quality and easy usability of this new product.

Makita never fails to satisfy its customers and gives them the reliability they need. So, if you are intrigued to know, let’s get into its features.

Key Features
  • Comes with a powerful 15 Ampere motor that runs at 4800 RPM speed to assure the quality of the joint.
  • It can rip up to four pieces at a time with a 6-inches dado blade and is 13/16 inches in width.
  • It has a large capacity to cut; 3- 9/16 inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/2 inches at 45 degrees.
  • With the Right Extension table, you can cut a four by eight piece of plywood in one go.
  • It has an extended capacity that can rip up to 25 inches.
  • It comes with an adjustable riving knife and a tool-less modular blade guard system for easy viewing.


  • Adjustable riving knife.
  • Blade grade system.
  • Large capacity to rip.
  • Right extension table
  • Powerful 15 a motor
  • Heavy dado blade
  • Accurate & high-quality


  • Heavy and difficult to move.
  • Not an affordable price.

Why We Choose This Product:

For professional accuracy needs, and easy-use features for DIYers, this Makita 2705- 10 Inches Table Saw is the best option. From heavy-duty working to accuracy, this Makita product provides all the golden features.

However, for some, the price may be a little extra. But you know, what extra doesn’t cost anything? So, if you are willing to spend some quality money, then this product is here.

SKIL TS6307-00 10 Inch Table Saw

SKIL TS6307-00 10 Inch Table Saw - Best Table Saws for Dado Cuts

Not everyone can afford saw tables up to $1000. Right? It won’t be fair to carry on with my list without adding any reasonable option for young DIYers and newbies.

For this, I got you a new product from a well-known brand SKIL. However, most people are not aware of its products. I’d say it’s best for your DIY work.

So, let’s get into the details of this product.

Key Features
  • It comes with Rack and Pinion fence rails to get smoothness and accuracy in your work.
  • For convenience in portability and storage, it comes with a folding stand.
  • It has a high four-by-four cutting capacity with a 90 degrees angle.
  • You can adjust your blade by a micro-adjustment system to make it parallel to the miter slot and rip fence.
  • With a quick-release lever, you can cut at two positive points between 0 and 45 degrees.
  • It comes with a dust port elbow for easy cleanup.
  • With ripping capacity of 25.5 inches with a width of 5/8 inches.
  • It comes with a powerful 15 Ampere motor.


  • Quick-release lever
  • Dust port elbow
  • Affordable price
  • Powerful 15A motor
  • High ripping capacity
  • Folding stand
  • Rack & pinion fence system
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • Not for high-end projects
  • No wheels on the legs

Why We Choose This Product:

If you ask an expert, what is the best Dado-compatible saw table for beginners? He’d say SKIL TS6307-00 10 Inch Table Saw.

The reason is not just the affordable price but the accuracy and ease it gives in usage. So, if you are a sincere newbie, I’d recommend starting your workspace with this saw table.

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Metabo HPT C10RJS 10-Inch Table Saw

Metabo HPT C10RJS 10-Inch Table Saw

Next on the list is one reasonable option for all the DIYers and seasonal workers out there. A job site table saw compatible with dado cuts, this new product by Metabo is on another level of quality and versatility. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have the best features at the price of your choice? If yes, then read the features below and know more about this item.

Key Features
  • To deal with heavy pieces, it comes with a powerful 15 Ampere motor. And it runs at a speed of 4500RPM.
  • It comes with standard rip capacity; cut 3-1/8 Inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 Inches at 45 degrees.
  • It has a high bevel capacity ranging from 0 degrees to 45 degrees.
  • Comes with a table of 28-3/4 Inches x 22 Inches size with the addition of an out-feed table of 28-3/4 Inches x 2 Inches.
  • It has a high bevel capacity ranging from 0 degrees to 45 degrees.
  • Comes with a table of 28-3/4 Inches x 22 Inches size with the addition of an out-feed table of 28-3/4 Inches x 2 Inches.
  • It comes with the unique technology of soft start and electric brakes.
  • A 3/4 inches T-slot miter gauge comes with a large adjustable scale for getting dado cuts.
  • It is compatible with 8 x 13/16 inches dado blades.
  • It has folding stands with wheels for portability.
  • You’ll get a table saw, 10-Inch 40-Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade, Wrenches, Blade Guard, Push Stick, Kickback, and Rip Fence in the set.


  • Powerful 15 a Motor.
  • Large Table with Out-Feed.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Soft Start Feature.
  • Electric Brakes.
  • Easy to Move.
  • Wide and sturdy Folding stand.
  • Safety Switch
  • Riving Knife


  • Confusing Instructions Manual
  • Not for Professionals.

Why We Choose This Product:

If you are a seasonal woodworker or a hobbyist, you must be looking for a highly featured and reasonable table saw. Right?

Who would not dream about it? So for this, Metabo HPT C10RJS 10-Inch Table Saw brings numerous features without spending $1000.

So don’t waste a second and get this portable table saw now!

BOSCH 10 Inches 4100XC-10 Worksite Table Saw

BOSCH 10 Inches 4100XC-10 Worksite Table Saw - Best Table Saws for Dado Cuts

When it comes to professionalism, most woodworkers look for more expensive products without compromising on anything else. So if you are one of those people for whom the budget is out of the table, then this product by BOSCH is worth seeing.

Okay, then, without further ado, let’s get into its features.

Key Features
  • For better ripping and cutting of heavy materials, it comes with a 15 Ampere powerful motor with a speed of 3650 RPM and 4.0 max HP.
  • To prevent the circuit from tripping, it comes with soft-start circuitry.
  • It has a constant response system.
  • To prevent abrupt accidental restarting, it comes with a restart protection system.
  • For portability and easy setup, it has a gravity-rise wheeled stand.
  • Its riving knife and anti-kick paws give protection to your blades.
  • By using the Bosch TS1007 Dado insert, you can use 13 to 16 inches dado blades.
  • It has a ripping capacity of 25 inches.


  • Smart guard system
  • Riving knife and anti-kick paws
  • Constant response system
  • Powerful 15A motor
  • Restart protection system
  • Gravity-rise wheeled stand
  • Soft-start circuitry
  • Portable


  • Low ripping capacity
  • Expensive

Why We Choose This Product:

Mostly the dado-cuts compatible table saws have either high rip capacity or blade capacity as best features. But as a professional, are these the only features you want? No, Right! So this BOSCH 10 Inches 4100XC-10 Worksite Table Saw gets extraordinary features for experts. Now go and buy yours now!

Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

Sometimes people are in a hurry and want a cheap saw table to get through some work. They may not be looking for a high-end saw table with lots of features.

For this, Rockwell, a low-end brand, brings a new product that can fulfill all your tasks but in a price range less than anywhere else. Let’s get into its features.

Key Features
  • With a built-in carry handle, you can effectively move it around your workspace and set it up without any issue.
  • You can get different cuts with a riving knife and standard guard.
  • With an adjustable gauge, you can cut 0 degrees to 60 degrees cuts.
  • To get you out of the mess, it comes with a vacuum port.
  • To prevent it from abrupt accidental restarting, it comes with a restart protection system.
  • From dado to miter cuts, you can use it for more numerous projects.


  • Easy and quick setting up
  • Reasonable price
  • Multi-purpose properties
  • Easily replaceable parts
  • Light and portable


  • Low Quality

Why We Choose This Product:

When choosing this product, I’d say it is not the best product for quality and reliability.

But if you are looking for a highly-featured tool for a few uses, then Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw is for sure the best option.

So, stop looking and click the link to buy yours Now!

Sawstop JSS-120A60 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw

Sawstop JSS-120A60 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw - Best Table Saws for Dado Cuts

To end the list, using one of the most precise and reliable tools was essential. Who doesn’t want accuracy when working on a woodworking project?

So, Sawstop gets a new and durable product for its satisfied customers. So, let’s get into its detailed features to know it a little better!

Key Features
  • It comes with SawStop patented safety system to prevent accidental injuries.
  • It comes with an efficient dust collecting system to clean the mess.
  • With one-turn elevation, you can raise and lower the blade with a single turn.
  • To ensure accuracy, it has a high table depth of 24 5/8 inches.
  • For better ripping and cutting, it comes with a powerful 15 Ampere motor.
  • It has a quick-tilt adjustment for angle increment.
  • The control box houses ensure the reliability of the product by checking all the systems.
  • It has an onboard storage system to protect the tools.
  • It has a ripping capacity of 25.5 inches.


  • Quick-tilt adjustment
  • Onboard storage system
  • Anti-kickback paws
  • Powerful 15A motor
  • One-turn elevation


  • Low ripping capacity

Why We Choose This Product:

Precision, quality, and accuracy are the things that make any product worthy of a professional.

With Sawstop JSS-120A60 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw, you’ll get everything above.

Not just that, the safety it gives will help you get over any phobia of injuries. If you made it to the end, then maybe this jam-pack is what you always wanted!

Things to Know Before Buying a Table saw for dado Cuts:

Dado cuts are different from other cuts. So, when buying a table saw for dado cuts, you should keep some other factors in mind. Those factors may sound new, but trust me, for cutting a dado, they are so crucial. Though you should consider regular factors too as they are, after all, a table saw.

Are you still thinking about the dado cut-related factors? If yes, then don’t worry, as we have mentioned a detailed buying guide for your assistance. Just read the passage below and buy your table saw Right Now!

Strength of Motor:

Having a motor with less RPM speed or lower Ampere numbers is not enough for your dado cuts. For this, you carefully need to look for a powerful and speedy Motor. They may be 15 Amperes with speeds ranging from 3500 RPM to 4800 RPM.

Trust me, you don’t want your machines giving kickbacks during cutting.

Arbor Size:

Arbor size is one of the most vital features to look for in a dado-cut table saw. What does it mean, then? Don’t worry; it is nothing complicated. It refers to the rotating motor arm width and the thickness of the blade you can use on it.

We know that a stacked dado blade uses more than two blades, so it’s essential to look for the size of your arbor.

Cutting or Ripping Capacity:

The capacity of your blades to rip a material determines the versatility of your table saw. With large ranges, you can work on different sizes and make numerous dadoes. If you want your dado cuts to be flawless, then do look for ripping capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can I use a regular table saw for my Dado Cuts?
No, you need a specialized table that is compatible with dado blades.
Is it safe to work with a table saw and dado blades?
No, you should have extra protection when working on your dado cuts as they can cause traumatic injuries.
Are job sites table saws compatible with dado blades?
Yes, they are! Just look for the wide arbor size, and everything will be fine.
What is the suitable size of the dado blade for a 10 inches table saw?
8 inches dado blade is usable with a 10 inches table saw.
Is stacked dado blade more effective?
Though wobble blades are effective, stacked dado blades have a lot of advantages.
The need to excel in woodworking is proportional to excelling in various skills. And we know, for these skills, buying appropriate tools is necessary.
By keeping this philosophy in mind, we came up with an unbiased review of all the best products. From buyer’s guides to frequently asked questions, this article will for sure help you find the best table saw for dado cuts!
So, with this list, cut some corners and forget backing against the wall!