Best Tabletop Router Tables

Woodwork is already a very strenuous task, and to ease it down, one must get the best tabletop router table out there that suits their needs. It not only has a huge hand in the quality of the woodwork but also the ease with which the work is done. Keeping that in check, we have listed some of our best picks for you to choose from based on your priorities.

Best Tabletop Router Tables – Top Picks 2023

Top Pick1
Bosch RA1181

The material used is high quality, long-lasting aluminum, fully resistant to bad climates and humidity damages.

Dremel 231

This can be easily set up in an hour and easily flushable after every task down which we think is one of its best qualities.

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top

This table comes fully equipped with 3-level loc rings, a large insert plate, a sturdy aluminum fence, insert plate levelers, and a strong steel stand.

Skil RAS900 Router Table

Skil RAS900 Router Table has a height gauge that improves the precision of your cuts.

Bench Dog Tools Cast Iron Router Table

It gives a large amount of space for your router to adjust while you work from the other side.

Craftsman – Router Table Combo

It is a very powerful unit with a 1 ¾ HP motor under the hood, topping at 27000 RPM.

Chicago Electric HP Router Table

Chicago Electric HP Router Table has a 19-gauge steel construction to further complement its sturdiness.

Grizzly T10432

Grizzly T10432 comes with an A-Frame steel stand as well as a complete set that includes a heavy-duty steel stand.

Goplus Electric Aluminum

It comes with an all-aluminum construction which by itself is an already amazing foot.

XtremepowerUS Deluxe

It comes fully equipped with tons of accessories as well as extensions that give you a 450 square inch work surface made of premium aluminum.

Bosch RA1181- Best Router Table For High Efficiency

This is not just our favorite but of almost all woodwork enthusiasts out there. With the introduction of this model, Bosch has made positive changes to their 1171, which also used to be the user’s choice.

Starting with the looks, the design of this model exhibits a benchtop-type shape at the address, with a few alterations to the classic 1171 model. This might be a heavy option and not like one of those portable router tables, so if that is what you are looking for, this is not something we would highly recommend.

best router tables

Now coming to the strong and sturdy build. The material used is high quality, long-lasting aluminum, fully resistant to bad climates and humidity damages. It is also equipped with a very detailed vacuum port to which you can hook your HVAC system easily.

The area available at the top for work is about 27 inches wide and 18 inches in depth. Some rails will help you in attaching the fence. Moreover, the table itself is about 4 7/8” in height and 25-1/8” in width. There are two feather boards with the table which makes it easier to arrange the wood on it and work with convenience. 

All in all, and easy to set up, and an extremely convenient piece with time-saving features, that only emphasize high quality and simple woodwork projects. After you set it up, you can mount and dismount your routers without any difficulty. The router table includes a storage pocket as well for all your router accessories.

You’ll love this one, for sure! 


  • Sturdy and strong machine
  • Modifications to the popular 1171 model
  • Rails to attach fence to
  • An integrated vacuum port for hooking your HVAC system to
  • Easy to set up
  • Aluminum material


  • The table is not as flat
  • Not portable

Dremel 231- best rotary router table for portability

Dremel might not be the ideal choice when it comes to the best tabletop router tables out there, but it is certainly one of the smartest tables you’ll ever get your hands on. Also, from the price point, Dremel is very inexpensive! Thus the people who do not want to spend too much on a router table should consider investing in it.

As a person who is concerned about the price, this one is nothing less than a blessing for you, one of the prime reasons why we had to include it in our top picks. Not only is this router table compatible with a wide range of Dremel products but also a variety of other routers.

best rated router tables

Setting up the table is not that hard and the instructions are given for clarity. This can be easily set up in an hour and good for work. The surface is also easily flushable after every task down which we think is one of its best qualities.

The top of the 8×6 inch table is strongly built and flat-surfaced, while the design ensures perfect performance. Fences that are built on the side are also adjustable. Additionally, there are several tasks that this table can perform like no other such as trimming, sanding edges, slotting, and even grooving. And guess what, all this without making any mess. Quite convenient eh?

Moreover, It is one of a kind because of its rotatory design, sleek look, and its ability to convert any Dremel product to a mounted wood router. The size and weight of this thing allow you to carry it around and travel with ease. With awesome price and design, we had to mention it as one of the best tabletop router tables.


  • Portable because of very small weight
  • Easy to work with
  • Adjustable fence for convenience
  • Easily flushable after every task
  • Can convert Dremel products to a mounted wood router
  • Easy slotting, sanding edges, and even grooving
  • Works with all Dremel products and most routers of other brands


  • The small size can make tasks difficult
  • The light feel is not liked by all buyers

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

Kreg is known for its ideal woodwork products, and this table is no different.  However, before you dig deeper into the review, be assured that this is not for beginners at all or a person who wants to do low-impact work. This table resembles an industrial table; the shortest yet most comprehensive term we could use for its sturdy profile.

What makes it special? Well, the first card it throws on the table is its extreme compatibility. The design includes vertical jointing, adjustable fences, a port for flushing, and cam clamps for safe use. Meanwhile, the size of the router plate makes it easy for most router plates to fit easily. 

best cnc router tables

The precision of this plate is unlike any other because of the precision plate with the ring locks that make work so much easier as compared to other router tables. 

Along with the sturdy design you can expect a great deal of balance if you are one of those people who get frustrated when your work isn’t flat on the table and keeps falling off. This is the table that would fix all your stability issues.

Unlike other router tables, this one comes fully equipped with 3-level loc rings, a large insert plate, a sturdy aluminum fence, insert plate levelers, and a strong steel stand. 

Even though it looks like a heavy-duty industrial router tale, it doesn’t sound like one at all, which makes it the best one in my opinion. 

The rubber feet dampen the extreme vibrations as you are working which then produces a significantly lower sound as compared to other heavy-duty tables.


  • 3 level-loc rings
  • No noise system
  • Very sturdy and strong material
  • Compatible with most routers
  • Rubber feet for reducing vibrations


  • Some buyers complained that setting up is a bit hard

Skil RAS900 Router Table for Best Performance

Skil is one of the most well-equipped and best tabletop router tables that you can get, especially if you want the accessories which not only make the set-up easier but also makes you familiar with the building process.

You get additional clamps that keep the project hooked and don’t slip once as you do heavy-duty work. This router table comes equipped with a tall and strong fence that has adjustable MDF laminate-coated faces. Besides, the material of these fences ensures that you get the best performance on every task you conduct on this table.

best professional router tables

The table has a height gauge which improves the precision of your cuts, most of the tables you see would not have this feature which makes it the best router table out there. 

A guard with a fitted starting pin helps to lock in your wood as you work and keeps it locked in place as you work on those rounded edges.

Guess what, You wouldn’t even need to balance this table as the surface remains flat and best for use for router mounting from the get-go.

If you are a person who hates setting up the router table and hates the lack of manuals; this one is the best router table for you as it comes fully adjusted with folded legs.

You would just need some touch-ups before you can start working on the table and when you are done, the folded legs would make it compact in no time. Thus, portability wise it is also an efficient choice.

Check out a detailed SKIL RAS900 Router Review on the get router table as well.


  • Tall fence
  • Legs are foldable
  • Adjustable fence
  • No need to set-up
  • No Leveling requires
  • Best balancing
  • Best performance due to height gauge’s accuracy
  • Two feather boards
  • Clamp system to keep the project in place


  • The feet tips are plastic material which is not good for balance.

Bench Dog Tools Cast Iron Router Table, the sturdiest router table

If you care about precision, performance, and stability then bench dog is the way to go. Bench dog may be recent in the woodworks game but the iron table is breaking records. It is strong, efficient, and powerful.  This industrial-looking router table is constructed to fulfill all your woodwork needs.

The design alone is evidence of how innovative it is while maintaining the classical features. Double fence slots are located in a manner where you won’t have to worry about precision when you are working on a curved surface, where you have to rotate your fence. 

best wood routers for router tables

Coming to the adjustability factor, firstly, it is compatible with a lot of routers, so variety wise this one is a winner. Also, It gives a large amount of space for your router to adjust while you work from the other side. This means it is not one of those router tables where your space is constricted.

The material of the router table is sturdy, complete aluminum which is of premium quality, ideal for hard-core woodworks. Moreover, the table is always flat and balanced so once you hook your project to the surface, the top and bottom front faces won’t let it slide or move unless you rotate your work.

This table has all the accessories needed and more, in addition to the sturdiest fences, it also has sub-fences that are simple enough to adjust, without reaching for your tool bag.

 What can be of more convenience, now I know you are thinking what these sub fences are good for? These MDF-made sub-fences are best for balance and performance, while also allowing for unmatched adjustability.

All that being said, it is a bit more expensive than the other tabletop router tables on our list, but with the excess accessories it comes with it is worth the price.


  • A fence can be detached
  • Sturdy iron design
  • 1/4-inch t-slot
  • MDF sub fences that are adjustable without tools
  • Dust collection port for clean work
  • Compatible with most routers
  • Large workspace for routers
  • The ideal location of slots


  • Expensive as compared to other tables
  • Pro-fence isn’t straight
  • Makes a lot of noise

Craftsman – Router Table Combo

The craftsman router table combo has the least trade-off amongst any of the amazing tabletop router tables mentioned on this list. It is a sturdily built router with the best router combo making it a great product for an even better price to match. 

The best part? It comes ready with use and is extremely easy to set up with it requiring almost an hour to set up. The most eye-catching part about the combo is the 9.5-amp router that comes with it.

router table 2021

It is a very powerful unit with a 1 ¾ HP motor under the hood, topping at 27000 RPM. All this with the capability of making quick work of thicker wood stock makes it an excellent tabletop router table choice.

Furthermore, the Craftsman Router Table combo also comprised a 1 1/16 inch thick MDF laminated work surface. This allows for the user to have almost an astounding 334 square inches of space, which, for the price is not only incredible but is distinctive!

It can also make quick and good use of those 5-feet long pieces on the table without the feeling of a cramped workspace. The adjustable fence with micro-adjustments also adds to its value. 

One of the best tabletop router tables, it also comes with fine minute adjustments as well as cutting depth for precision demanding tasks. An incredible tabletop router table overall, it has everything you would expect and more for its price.

Its compact size is also both an advantage as well as a disadvantage but its versatility due to this is incredible, nonetheless.


  • Great quality for a good price
  • Compact in size
  • Has plenty of power
  • The table is very handy for an entry-level task


  • The small size of the table is also a disadvantage to some
  • It is not good for any extensive tasks but is good for small ones

Benchtop Router Table – Chicago Electric Power Tools

The Chicago Electric Power Tools is an entry-level table as well as a router combo. Chicago Electric is best known for its budget tabletop router tables, a trait easily exhibited in this model. Firstly, it has a set of basic features designed to appeal to the hobbyist faction in the woodworking community.

However, that does not at all mean that it is weak both in terms of sturdiness and power. Courtesy of its strong frame and great material composition (composite MDF), it is a very sturdy unit. 

best router tables 2021

This makes it an excellent choice for people to better their woodworking craft whilst not emptying their wallets. It also has a 19-gauge steel construction to further complement its sturdiness. The 19-gauge steel legs keep this beautiful bench steady while you work on the top.

It is a composite tabletop with a smooth, flat work surface to further complement its excellent workability. The only downside to this is that there are no casters so it would stay put right where you install it. 

This can be a convenience for some but an inconvenience for most of us wood-workers out there. Other than that, this fantastic tabletop router table powers at a 1- ¾ HP plunge router, generally preferred by woodworkers. Why? Because most woodworkers do not look for their routers to perform advanced woodworking tasks but rather simple and quick ones.

Even though it is only capable of performing simpler tasks, it excels in doing so; making it a renowned tabletop router table. Tasks like inlay patterns, chamfers, mortising, and coves are done much easier than with any fixed base router in the market. 

You can also preset the cutting depth and also plunge the bit to precision allowing for excellent woodworking. This makes the Chicago Electric Power Tools, one of the best if not the best tabletop router tables on the list.


  • Excellent product for good value
  • It is comprised of composite MDF
  • It is very Lightweight being only 28 pounds
  • Very compact and portable making it easy to use and store away


  • The frame could be more robust
  • Feather boards are not included
  • Designed for entry-level tasks only
  • Good for small jobs or model makers.

Grizzly T10432 – Best Metal Router Table:

Grizzly has progressed from being one of the most underknown brands to the most popular machinery brands in the United States and for good reason. The T10432 is the product of the amazing work done by Grizzly in improving their tabletop router tables, with this one being the most exceptional amongst the bunch. It is a testimony to the quality that the guys at Grizzly give out year by year.

The Grizzly T10432 comes with an A-Frame steel stand as well as a complete set that includes a heavy-duty steel stand. The stand-in question being about 33 inches tall is just about the perfect working height for any person in my opinion. 

Best Plunge Routers 2021

Although some tabletop router tables’ models place the router too high for comfort, it is still a nonetheless great one. The work surface is 1- 3/8 inches thick and made of an MDF core laminated with melamine. Although the edges are tough PE, it can still easily withstand vibrations as well as wear and tear.

The amazing router table also comes with a split fence with a precision machined aluminum mounting bracket. This covers the MDF core and allows for not only the great structure but amazing workability.

Well, it may not be the most durable all-metal frame, it is still fairly respected amongst the bulk of the woodworking community. The T-slots for mounting additional jigs and feather boards make this amazing tabletop router table even more exceptional.

Overall, I would say that it may not be the best tabletop router table out there but it is certainly amazing when compared to its excellent price.


  • Sturdy metal frame for stability
  • Durability constructed
  • Comes with a dust collection receptacle
  • Compatible with all routers in the market
  • Includes a measuring tape
  • MDF core with a 33-inch aluminum mounting bracket


  • Some users reported uneven working surface
  • The router table insert is prone to bending

Goplus Electric Aluminum – Great budget Router Table

When you first look at the price of the Goplus Electric Aluminum, you would think to yourself is it reliable? Anyone who sees the price listed on it would think that is just some cheap router table not worth even a single penny, but Goplus Electric proved us wrong. 

Through this, we also hope to prove you wrong as well. The Goplus is a very popular unit with most DIYers as well as weekend craftsmen (people who sometimes frequent woodworking for a hobby).

Best rated Plunge Routers

It comes with an all-aluminum construction which by itself is an already amazing foot. To top it off even further, Goplus throws in an aluminum deck with four heavy-duty steel legs making this tabletop router table even more amazing. 

This makes it a step up from cheap particle board work surfaces, with the table also remaining secure and stable even when dealing with the more reasonably heavy stock.

Not only that but it has a weight capacity of 40 lbs, which is an amazing feat considering the price. However, we would not advise you to stretch past the 35 lbs mark as you may risk sagging it if you venture near its breaking point.

Its exceptional qualities are heightened even further when you realize that it is a universal router plate. That means it comes with pre-drilled holes that match most routers in the market. The clamps that come with the router don’t fit to be exact. 

Another point to note is the quality of the fence which by itself is nothing fancy. However, it is an easy replacement making it a neutral point for us to consider.

Aside from the already great features listed above, it also has other features to impress its users, such as the grooves on the work surface are a neat addition that keeps the sawdust away.

All in all, a great choice for everyone!


  • Includes a detailed instruction manual
  • Grooved surface keeps the dust away
  • Has extra-large dimensions
  • Comes with an easy-slide surface
  • Is compatible with routers up to six inches in diameter
  • Includes a miter gauge
  • Comprised of an aluminum alloy and steel construction


  • Need to make a lot of adjustments until a good fit is established

XtremepowerUS Deluxe – Cheap Bench Top Router Table

Though it is one of the lowest-priced router tables out there it is still one of the best in terms of quality and performance. This table is a compact powerhouse with, having a design that supports the tabletop for efficient and balanced work.

The material is of steel which makes it durable and sturdy to an extent where most router tables cannot compete with it. Also, there is an additional aluminum mounting plate that is not only strong but resistant to rusty climates and damp workshops.

best budget router tables

Even though the design is not of a professional-looking router table, this is nothing short of it. It has a 34” long work area surface, more than enough for most router tables.

It comes fully equipped with tons of accessories as well as extensions that give you a 450 square inch work surface made of premium aluminum. 

This workspace is so sturdy that your projects will never be at the risk of an imbalanced environment and will stay hooked as you perform heavy-duty work on them

The extensions that come with this might not be the strongest, but they are still helpful in setting up the workspace more than any other low-priced router table. You can customize it with some of your tools and it should be good to go. 

Moreover, there is a dust port as well which can help you flush out the dust after every task. This is why I think it is the best in low-price options. The router can take a 6-inch diameter, with holes that  are already pre-drilled too so you don’t have to worry about the setup.


  • Includes a push-out fence
  • Comprised of an aluminum design
  • Is both very solid and durable
  • Its lightweight allowing for good usage
  • It has a grooved surface making working on it very fun
  • Includes a dust port
  • Very easy to set up even for a novice


  • Unlike the other additions on this list, it is not very stable


We have added a variety of some of the best tabletop router tables that would suit the needs of buyers. These features include efficiency, portability, performance precision, accuracy, and material quality while keeping you aware of the budget at the same time. Every router table is different than the other whether it is the price point, material, or functioning so when you decide to get yourself a router table, keep these qualities in mind.