Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 Review

We know that the best woodworking equipment can make a workpiece look more professional.

You must have seen that every time you use a high-quality router or a jig, the results are 10 TIMES incredible. You will surely get the piece to speak for itself!

I don’t know much about you, but this is what I have been saying from my own experience. Whatever you say, if you are using suitable equipment, no one can stop you from creating the best art! 

After all, woodworking is a form of art, right? 

In all that, one power tool that most people prefer DIYing is a router table. Hey! Hey! Wait, don’t come at me all at once! Let me finish first. 

I know making your router table can save you Hundreds of Bucks. But you should keep one thing in mind as it also comes with a Long List of Cons!

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 Review

If you are still doubtful about this big purchase, look at Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181. I am sure its easy-to-use, exciting features will throw your mind. 

I think Bosch has truly outdone themselves with this one! Though, they always do.

It is a bit pricier than other products, but who doesn’t like the original design, right? If you look closely, all its competitive products are just low-quality CLONES! (Scary, Isn’t It!)

Every single characteristic shows how you must purchase this router table for your upcoming projects!

(Who doesn’t like a competitive edge, right!)

Why should we Prefer a Portable Router Table?

The thing is, I want you to know this item and its importance before moving into the product’s details and review. This way, you can understand the specs easily and choose wisely. 

Technically speaking, a Router table is a piece of convenient equipment for making fast molds, accurate edges, and clean surfaces. It gives your wood a refined look, adding a touch of professionalism. 

Who doesn’t want it, right?

So, now coming to the main topic of buying the best one in town. And what’s the best table? Yes, that’s right! 

Let’s have an in-detail review of the Bosch Benchtop router table RA1181! (the best in the market)

Top Pick

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

Bosch has been manufacturing quality power tools for years. When you search for the best power tool on the internet, the first product will always be Bosch!
It comes with a large base table that can easily accommodate most of your workpiece. Other than that, its compatibility with different routers is also commendable.
It is a US-based brand that believes in making low-priced products with quality as an ultimate goal.

About the Company (Bosch)

Bosch has been manufacturing quality power tools for years. When you search for the best power tool on the internet, the first product will always be Bosch!

That’s why their products make them stand in the front line every time. 

It is a US-based brand that believes in making low-priced products with quality as an ultimate goal. And how can we doubt a 118-year-old brand located in almost 100 Locations?

You can look at its manufacturing, every one of them is built with high-quality materials, and no inadequacy is acceptable. It makes its products reliable and durable.

And what else do you need in a good router table, right? 

Not just that, Bosch always keeps the safety of its products in mind. Even the innovation it brings to the table makes it a sucker in the market. (Take the example of Application Specific Integrated Circuit).

So, get ready to use one of the best TOOLS ever made! 

Overview of Bosch Benchtop Router Table  

The Bosch router table is the ultimate father of all the benchtop tables you are on the market today. Though most are altered ones, some are the exact copies with different names.

But no one could defeat the quality you get with this product to this date.

It comes with a large base table that can easily accommodate most of your workpiece. Other than that, its compatibility with different routers is also commendable. (No need to buy a new one now!)

And yes, its dust collection is something that no one could copy. It’s not that those manufacturers didn’t try. No one could give the results as Bosch does!

Here, you get two outfeed shims, a built-in cord, MDF faceplates, pins, a guard, and many more. If I keep going at this speed, I’ll tell you all the features in a single go. 

After all, it is such an incredible tool, right?

So, to know it a little better, let’s get into its features.

Features of the Product

Here are some of the exciting features.

Large Aluminum Table:

Bosch comes with a large 22.75 inches table. It has an aluminum build which has a laminated coat for extra protection. It is large enough to work with any workpiece.

Even if you are working on your client’s furniture, it will make your work so much easier.

This way, you get more precision and accuracy in your work. And yes, the smooth surface contributes a lot to it. 

Compatibility of Routers:

Undeniably, the best part is its compatibility with routers. You don’t need to go and find a specific Bosch router to use with it.

You just need a router, attach it underneath the table, and secure it with the clamp. 

And that pre-drilled aluminum mounting plate is a universal fit.

After that, you can safely lock them with screws. 

Most people say it is their favorite thing on the table. And how could it not be, right?

Above the Table Adjustments:

One of the unique features to get in any router table is the above-the-table bit adjustment. With RA1181, simply fix the router underneath the table and adjust the bit height as per your need.

And it is not complex at all, rotate the hex key, and you are good to go!

You can also adjust from under, as it is quicker and more immediate. 

Taller Fence:

Most of the time, you see issues with fences. They are either too short or sloppy. And if you are a woodworker, how a good one is a game-changer.

So, with Bosch, you get a tall and durable fence that comes with not just one but TWO faceplates. 

And not just that, its aluminum build maximizes its precision to a great degree!

Availability of Two Featherboards:

One of the features that help in giving perfection is feather boards. And with RA1181, you will get two of these adjustable boards.

They are easy to use and can very well save your piece from the thrust of your router.

You can either use both vertically or take advantage of one vertical and one horizontal hold.

They are durable and come with highly-tight knobs. So, no need to worry about anything!

Dust Collection:

When you are working with wood, scrapes, and dust are inevitable. They can get stuck in grooves and cause uneven cutting. For this, most router tables come with a dust collection system. 

But it doesn’t mean you will get the best one every time. Most come with ineffective ports that do nothing much for the dust. 

No need to worry, as RA1181 has one of the most efficiently working dust collection systems. With a 2-1/2 inch vacuum hose, your vacuum will suck every last piece!

Accessory Slot:

Router tables with an accessory slot can create a huge difference. So, with Bosch, you get a 3/4 inches slot that can adjust anything from miter gauge to feather boards. 

So, if you want a round cut or fix guidance, RA1181 is here for you!

Storage Pockets:

One of the other features that make working with RA1181 easy is its storage pockets. Those side storage cavities allow us to store all our accessories with ease.

You don’t have to lose your pins or bits anymore! Just keep them safe in the most accessible place in the workspace!

It even comes with cord wire storage, where you can easily store your 6-foot power cord.

Complete Switch:

We know that a complete package is the only way to save ourselves from the hectic assembly of a router table. However, they are easy to set up compared to DIY router tables.

Still, they need care and vigilance when assembling each part. It can be complex if you don’t have background knowledge and proper tools.

With RA1181, you get everything needed to make the most stable router table on the market!


  • Durable Body:

        With a large aluminum table, you get to have the durability you look for in a router

        table. Other than that, the bits and blades are all certified and give maximum


        Even the overall build of the router base is impressive.

  • High Compatible:

         Compatibility adds a lot of value to the product. If your router table can work with any

         router, you are in for a treat.

         We know router tables can be expensive, so buying a specific router can be

         hard on our pockets.

         So, no need to worry a bit, and use your good old router and make some cool


  • Side Storing:

         With Bosch’s new design, you can store your bits and pins with side storage. It  is

         convenient and highly accessible.

         The best part is that it is durable and won’t break over time. And yes, you are in

         for not just one but two of these attainable storage compartments!

  • No Mess:

         Yes, you will cut all your beautiful designs without making a mess. With this

         incredible dust collection system, you can have a clean, hollow cut.

        And, you don’t have to stop every few minutes to dust away that wood scrap.

        Now, you can work with complete ease and finish pieces on time!

  • All Essentials Available:

        RA1181 comes with all the things you need to work. From effortless assembly to

       versatile usage, there is everything for easy working. Even the pins to tighten

       the screws come with the box! 

       Other than that, you get a pin to have a free-hand cut of your like.

  • Smooth and Safe Cut:

         With Bosch RA1181, you will get an incredible cut of your pieces. Its speed

         control will give you the optimum speed. This way, the wood pieces won’t

         endure extra force. 

        And all other features altogether come to make your results come out better

        than expected.


  • Not Flat Table:

        Most people have issues with the tables of this product. They don’t find it flat  

        enough, causing their pieces to move in slight waves.

        It is not too evident, for some woodworkers, that this subtle change can matter

        a lot! So, Bosch should try to work on their tables next time. 

  • Plastic Built: 

        Plastic is one of those materials that can cause an issue for many workers.

        Though the main idea behind it, is portability, people struggle to accept the

        plastic built on this router table.

        So, if you have no problem with plastic, there’s nothing wrong with the table. 

How to Get the Best out of the Product? 

If you want your Bosch RA1181 portable router table to work to its full potential, then make sure you do the following steps:

  • Make sure you unplug the router before changing the bit. 
  • Make sure you keep 1/4 of your shank exposed. It will keep it tight in the collet.
  • Always keep your bit guarded.
  • Make sure you wear safety glasses to have a better view and ultimately better results.
  • Hearing protection will also help you like the safety glasses. 
  • Always move your workpieces from right to left. 
  • When working with a piloted bit, go counterclockwise. 
  • Make sure your workpiece positions never between the bit and the fence.

Who is the Target Audience?

Every product has a specific range and a target audience. Most router tables have no professional limit, but some still specify the target audience.

Like here, I’d say, keeping its features in mind, it is basically for woodworkers going through an experimental phase of cuts and grooves.

Though, woodworkers working on projects for clients can also give it a shot. And it will for sure give incredible results.

Our Experience with the Product:

We got this extensive review based on our experience. And to be honest, we didn’t cut slack on this one. So you can get the just evaluation of the Bosch RA1181 router table.

  1. First, our impression of the router table was super positive, because of the brand name. It was very nicely built with all the features to make my woodworking easy and efficient. It came with handy tools and accessories that no one can deny is a Treat.
  2. Then, the above-the-table adjustment made my day. We don’t like bending and adjusting the height after every cut. (I guess no one likes it, right). So, it was something that I prefer in any router table, and got with this one. It was for sure a plus point.
  3. Okay, so when we started assembling the table, we found it pretty easy and not so much of a fuss. It didn’t take a lot of time either. (Maybe a Maximum of 20 to 30 minutes). One thing is that, if you are a beginner, it can take you more than that. So Be ready for that.
  4. Dust collection worked well, and the storage sides helped a lot. They made work effortless to some extent. Who doesn’t like work without much effort, right?
  5. Now, one thing that most people complained about was the table surface. At first, I was okay with it. But with time, I saw the issues arising. The table was sort of uneven and made my wood pieces move disproportionately. It was hard to work perfectly with that table. I had to sand it down for better results. 
  6. And lastly, our experience with the price is appreciable! With this budget, the features are extraordinary and simply impressive. Where can you get such an inclusive item for under $200?

Other People Comments:

Let’s look at other people’s reviews on Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table.

  • One satisfied customer showed his pleasure on Amazon, quoting, “The table is terrific and an incredible bang for your buck!” 
  • Most of the customers on Amazon have issues with the tabletop. (You can take help from my own experience).
  • Most people appreciated how “effortless” and “smooth” this router table works for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can I attach a router lift with my Bosch RA1181 Router table?
Yes, you can attach your table with a router lift with the help of pre-drilled holes.

What is the approximate weight of this router table?
It is lightweight with a weight of just 30 lbs.

Do I get a started pin with Bosch's new router table?
Yes, you get a starter pin with Bosch’s new router table


To conclude the article, I’d just say that you don’t need to rush your choices. Always compare other products and get the one that covers your needs the most.

You don’t need to run after features or prices. Go for one that offers the maximum deal. (Side note, You can check reviews stating it is the one with the best value!)

Who can Afterall deny the power of a top brand, right?

And if Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 is the one giving you the value you need, don’t hesitate to get this one Now.

Just remember, it is a steal with this price and name!