Grizzly Industrial T31636 Benchtop Router Table Review

Are you looking to polish your skills with minimal space? And want your wood pieces to have the best finish? If yes, then this article will help you get that!

Because nothing can deny the power of good woodworking equipment to give you the professional touch!

You must be seeing that every time you use a high-quality router or a jig, the results are incredible. You for sure got the piece to speak for itself.

I don’t know much about you, but this is what I have been saying from pure experience. Whatever you say, if you are using suitable equipment, no one can stop you from creating the best art! 

After all, woodworking is a form of art, right? 

But, there is this one power tool that most people prefer DIYing. And yes, guys, I am talking about the Router Tables. 

I know making your router table can save you lots of Bucks. (It did me when I tried making one for myself). But remember, it got me into Long List of Cons. Sloppy construction and times of effort, trust me, the list goes on and on! 

If you are still skeptical about this big purchase, look at Grizzly Industrial T31636 Benchtop Router Table. I am sure its easy-to-use, exciting features will throw your mind. (It did the same with me as well!)

It is not even the priciest item on the market. And every single characteristic shows how you must purchase a router table for your upcoming projects!

(Who doesn’t like a competitive edge, right!)

Why should we Prefer a Portable Router Table?

The thing is, I want you to know this item and its importance before moving into the product’s details and review. This way, you can understand the specs easily and choose wisely. 

Technically speaking, a Router table is a piece of convenient equipment for making fast molds, accurate edges, and clean surfaces. It gives your wood a fine look, adding a touch of professionalism. 

Who doesn’t want it, right?

So, now coming to the main topic of buying the best one in town. And what’s that? Yes, that’s right! 

Let’s have an in-detail review of the Grizzly Industrial T31636 Benchtop Router Table.

Top Pick

Grizzly Industrial T31636 Benchtop Router Table Review

Grizzly Industrial T31636 is one of the best for people looking for a space-saving route. It is a durable and very stable router table as per market standards.
With its feature-packed body, you will surely get the consistency you want.
From a professional point of view, the availability of infeed and outfeed tables is a perk for new woodworkers. If you are about to upgrade your woodworking game, this will be a great help. 
Other than that, its compatibility with different routers is also commendable. And then that wooden table adds smoothness making your pieces stand out. So, you can get the best results every time! 

Grizzly Industrial T31636 Benchtop Router Table Review

We got you a detailed review of the product with additional comments from other users. So let’s get started!

About the Company(Grizzly)

Skil has been manufacturing quality power tools for years. If you type the best power tool on the internet today, the first few products will always be Kreg! 

It is a US-based brand that believes in making low-priced products with quality as an ultimate goal.

A company that first started as a small business or a hobby is now one of the top brands in the market. 

You can look at its manufacturing, every one of them is built with high-quality materials, and no inadequacy is acceptable. It makes its products reliable and durable.

And what else do you need in a good router table, right? 

And the best part is that they always try to give the most reasonable price. So, everyone can enjoy the best woodworking experience everywhere!

Overview of  the Grizzly Industrial T31636 Router Table 

Grizzly Industrial T31636 is one of the best for people looking for a space-saving route. It is a durable and very stable router table as per market standards.

With its feature-packed body, you will surely get the consistency you want. 

As we know, consistency makes your results the best! 

From a professional point of view, the availability of infeed and outfeed tables is a perk for new woodworkers. If you are about to upgrade your woodworking game, this will be a great help. 

Other than that, its compatibility with different routers is also commendable. And then that wooden table adds smoothness making your pieces stand out.

So, you can get the best results every time!

Features of the Product

Here are some of the exciting features.

Router Mounting System:

We talked about easy setting-up, so how can we do that without a quick router mounting? Right! But when you have laser-engraved markings, there is no problem.

With a mounting plate (9-1/4 inches x 11-3/4 inches), you can go for any router present in your workshop.

Availability of Two Featherboards:

One of the features that help in giving perfection is feather boards. And with T31636, you will get two of these adjustable boards. They are easy to use and can very well save your piece from the thrust of your router. 

You can either use both vertically or take advantage of one vertical and one horizontal hold.

Dust Collection:

When you are working with wood, scrapes, and dust are inevitable. They can get stuck in grooves and cause uneven cutting. For this, most router tables come with a dust collection system. 

Here, T31636 has one of the most efficiently working dust collection systems. With a 1-1/2 inches port and a 2-1/2 inches adapter, your vacuum will suck every last piece!

Ultra-Portable Body:

Moving a router table from one place to another is a hectic job. But when you have T31636 on your side, what’s the problem? With its leveling feet and lightweight body, you can use it anywhere. 

Do you want to work at the client’s house? No issue, pack your table and set it up in seconds.

Melamine Table Top:

When you get a 15-3/4 inches x 23-3/4 inches melamine table, no one can stop you from getting the smooth, leveled cuts. If your tabletop is the best, you will always get consistency in your results. 

Only a serious woodworker with a precise eye will appreciate such a top.

Accessory Slot:

Router tables with an accessory T-slot can create a huge difference. So, with Bosch, you get a 3/4 inches T-slot that can adjust anything from miter gauge to feather boards. 

So, if you want a round cut or fix guidance, T31636 is here for you!

InFeed and OutFeed Tables:

Some pieces are hard to use on a regular-size tabletop. But, when you get extra infeed and outfeed tables, nothing can come your way! You can adjust them as per your need and move them farther or closer. 

Just when you think T31636 is less, it shoots you with a BAM!


  • Durable Body:

With a large melamine table, you get to have the durability you look for in a router table. Even the bits and blades are all certified and give maximum reliability. And the overall aluminum build is sturdy and suitable for working with hardwood pieces.

  • No Mess:

Yes, you will cut all your beautiful designs without making a mess. With this unbelievable dust collection system, you can have a clean, hollow cut. Now, you can work with complete ease and finish pieces on time!

  • Stability:

Just like no mess, stability matters a lot to get better results. And with a router table, it’s hard to expect a light, stable workspace. Same here with a lightweight body and leveling feet on your side, there is no issue with any stability. 

You can have straight, stable work!

  • Great Fence:

The fence of this router is an excellent advantage for overall working. It is durable and provides the perfect strength to get appropriate cuts. 

With the perfect leveling, you won’t need to spend extra minutes on the setting.

  • Easy Manual:

With an easy-to-read manual that gives all the essential information, a beginner can save a fair amount of time. From maintenance to assembly, you can easily understand without prior experience.

  • Easy Mounting:

When mounting your router is easy, I’d say there is not much hard left with your setting up. So, when we saw the manual and functioning, we knew Grizzly was a great choice. 

And for sure it was. In just a few seconds, I got myself a perfect router table.


  • Price Tag:

It is one of the priciest router tables on the market. Though, its features are a bit above its competitors. From a beginner’s point of view, it can be unnecessary to get this router table. It shows that for a worker, price matter a lot. 

(Favored by Professionals mostly)

  • No Extra Hardware:

With this price, everyone must be expecting a whole kit. But with Grizzly T313636, you won’t get all the parts and accessories to set the router table. You may need to go the extra mile to make the best Kreg router table for yourself. (Though working is Phenomenal!)

What do you get in the Package?

With this Grizzly Industrial router table, you will also get extra accessories. Let’s have a quick view of them!

  1. Two Feather Boards: Help in keeping the wood piece in place. You can easily mount them either vertically or horizontally.
  2. Insert Wrench: Help tighten all the screws and set up the router table. 
  3. Two Table Insert: Help the wood piece stay close to the bit. 
  4. Starter Pin: Help to guide the curved and rotational curves.
  5. Hex Wrench: It helps in adjusting the bit as per your need.

How to Get the Best out of the Product?

If you want your Grizzly T31636 Benchtop router table to work to its full potential, then make sure you do the following steps:

  • Make sure you unplug the router before changing the bit. 
  • Make sure you keep 1/4 of your shank exposed. It will keep it tight in the collet.
  • Always keep your bit guarded.
  • Make sure you wear safety glasses to have a better view and ultimately better results.
  • Hearing protection will also help you like the safety glasses. 
  • Always move your workpieces from right to left. 
  • When working with a piloted bit, go counterclockwise. 
  • Make sure your workpiece positions never between the bit and the fence.

Who is the Target Audience?

Every product has a specific range and a target audience. Most router tables have no professional limit, but some still specify the target audience. 

Like here, I’d say, keeping its features in mind, it is basically for woodworkers with a high-grade professional work demand. 

In short, workers have the freedom to buy the product of their choice. 

DIYers or low-grade woodworkers may find it a bit pricy. 

If you are trying to have a professional benchtop, this one is for you!

Our Experience with the Product:

We got this extensive review based on our experience. And to be honest, we didn’t cut slack on this one. So you can get the just evaluation of the Grizzly Industrial router table.

  1. First, it was a good expression when we took the table out of the box. The table’s build is phenomenal. It looks sturdy and something that can last for a long time. And the instruction manual adds perfection to the first look. 
  2. When it was time to assemble everything, it didn’t take much time either. It was simple and, to be honest, an easy task compared to other tables. (As said, instructions and clear and straightforward). Though some of the hardware was missing, and I could only complete it with another purchase. 
  3. After that, when we started working, we saw something different. And that was stability. It was so stable and those leveling feet worked great (I was impressed). Lightweight is a huge perk no double, just like mentioned in the description. 
  4. But when it comes to price, I had to spend more than extra on this router table. It is undeniably on an expensive scale. So, if you are looking for an efficient router table, give this one a shot!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

What is the approx. weight of the Grizzly T31636 router table?
It is lightweight with a weight of just 29 lbs.

Can I use my Milkawe router with the Grizzly router table?
Yes, you can use it with the Grizzly T31636 router table.

Do I get wheels with the Grizzly Industrial router table?
No, you do not get wheels with the Grizzly router table.


In the end, I will say that you don’t need to rush your choices. Always compare other products and get the one that covers your needs the most. 

You don’t need to run after features or prices. Go for one that offers the maximum deal. (Side Note; If you are okay with the price and features, Make sure you get this one) 

So if Grizzly Industrial T31636 Benchtop Router Table is the one giving you the value you need, don’t hesitate to get this one Now. 

Just remember, never miss a beat when getting the best!