Makita vs. Dewalt – Expert Reviews & Buyer Guide

Wooden routers are deemed as the biggest and perhaps the essential invention of the twenty-first century. They have made making creative projects increasingly easier and help give them a polished and accurate look. Two such brands that have made it big in these regards are the Makita and Dewalt Routers.

We are sure that if you are an avid project composer, you require no introduction to these names’ quality and performance. Makita and Dewalt are among the leading and most trusted brands to supply their customers with superior quality and functionality in their electrical tools and accessories.

A comparison between these two names is a question that has been debated for a long time. While both brands are simultaneously increasing the list of exceptional products, the customers tend to get confused about which brand of tools to choose for their projects.

Makita vs. Dewalt

To get rid of this trouble, we have compiled this article for you. Stay with us for a little longer to finally come to a conclusion and help us put an end to the ongoing battle between the routers composed by Makita and Dewalt.

What does the Makita 18V LXT has to offer?

Makita is made significant in the market by blending every essential feature in the 18V LXT drilling tool. Let’s discuss some of its much-adored features below.

Exterior structure

The size of any drilling tool plays a pivoting role in determining its worth and flexibility of use. Knowing how hard it is to assemble and use a bulky tool, Makita has finished the 18V LXT router in a comparatively compact and lightweight design. With a height of only 7.4 inches, this drilling tool occupies minimal desk space and is convenient for transportation through its barely 2 pounds worth of weight.


It is a known fact that drilling tools tend to be quite noisy while being operated. However, this loud noise also plays a part in distracting the user from working on their project and making it difficult for them to concentrate. The noise of tools cannot eliminate the noise no matter what brand of router you use.

However, Makita does an outstanding job by minimizing it to an almost inaudible extent. Measured to be about 7 decibels while bearing load, the Makita 18V LXT tool is considerably quieter than any router produced by Dewalt, making a noise of up to 104 decibels.

What does Dewalt DCF888 have to offer?

Dewalt DCF888 has gained nothing but an appraisal and affirmative review since its release. The drilling tool is often deemed to offer the most power-packed and efficient trimming performance. But the real question arises when comparing it with the great Makita 18V LXT router. Let us consider its features to determine what aspects the Dewalt DCF888 excels at.


Controlling a drilling tool and router can be quite complicated and tricky, depending on the device you are using. To increase the chances of spoiling your project unintentionally and decreasing your work’s standard by a high mark.

To prevent this from happening, Dewalt has equipped the DCF888 with an advanced integrated control system. This allows you to customize, control, and view details at your convenience while installing comprehensive and essential operational control buttons.

Horse Power

Any motor’s power plays the most crucial role in determining its efficiency in cutting and trimming through different woods. Not only this, the horsepower is interlinked with the speed of the router, and together they facilitate the drilling of the thickest types of wood.

Similarly, the Dewalt DCF888 router has been designed to be compatible with a variety of wood types. This machine contains a high horsepower rating, and the minimal torque produced by the motor boosts its efficiency considerably.

Pricing and warranty

Another factor to always consider before buying an electrical tool is its overall price and the manufacturer’s warranty it is backed by. You should always ensure that the device you buy is worth the money spent on it and contains every feature you require.

Over time, Dewalt has proven to do significantly better in terms of the price and warranty of its products than those of Makita. These tools offer almost the same features, yet Dewalt still manages to price its products lower than those of Makita.

Along with this, Dewalt Products is backed by a three-year manufacturer warranty, just like the tools launched by Makita. However, the additional one-year customer service followed by a 90-day refund policy of Dewalt makes it slightly more reliable and feasible for the customers than the limited Makita warranty.

Final Verdict
Keeping in mind the detailed analysis of the features of the Makita 18V LXT and Dewalt DCF888 router, it is not wrong to say that both have managed to earn their place in the top charted lists and hearts of their customers. These have managed to gain user satisfaction through years of high-quality performance and efficiency.

To conclude, in a few words, the Makita 18V LXT is recommended for everyone looking to maintain the perfect balance between compact size and superior performance in their drilling tools. It consists of complex but highly advanced smart technology and is designed to be compatible with various other devices.

Whereas, the DeWalt DCF888 router is for every user that wants the best features but at a budget-friendly rate and guaranteed reliability for future use. This machine is considerably easier to learn and operate and is the perfect tool to brush up on your cutting and trimming skills.