Ryobi Plunge Router Review

Are you looking to attain nothing but the highest level of accuracy in your projects? If yes, then it is highly likely that Plunge routers are your priority. Which gained popularity over the past few years through the efficiency and ease of use offered to the customers, ultimately leading to improved and excellent projects.

However, with numerous brands offering the best plunge routers, it is understandable that a buyer tends to get confused while making this decision. One such router that has hooked the customers right in with its excellent exterior and functional interior is the Ryobi Plunge Router.

You must be wondering what exactly it is about this router that makes it so brilliant and reliable? Read on to get the answer to this question as we review the Ryobi Plunge Router in detail and discuss its benefits, drawbacks, and limitations while using it on a project.

Features of the Ryobi Plunge Router


It is a known fact that beginners and professional project makers also tend to get confused while assembling their complex routing machines. Ryobi designed a plunge router for preassembled and ready to use as soon as taken out of the box! This quick and easy assembling makes the plunge router a perfect choice for every amateur and professional wood crafter.

Exterior Structure:

The design is the first thing that a customer notices when buying a plunge router for their use. Anesthetic exterior attracts the customer right in and tells about the portability of the device. Ryobi Plunge Router maintains a perfect balance between this portability and sleek design.

Ryobi Plunge Router Review

Finished to weigh barely 9 pounds, the Ryobi Plunge Router is available in a compact and lightweight design. This makes it suitable for narrow desk spaces along with packed indoor project settings. Meanwhile, the lightweight contributes to its portability and ease in being carried around.

The quality of any router is interlinked with its durability and compatibility with rugged surroundings. Ryobi has made a reputation among its customers by promising integrity in the quality of its tools. Keeping up to this mark, they have designed the plunge router from premium quality materials and components.

Performance of the motor:

A router’s motor plays the most crucial role in determining its performance in cutting and trimming materials. At this moment, let us discuss what the engine of this Ryobi Plunge Router has to offer and whether its performance is suitable for your projects or not.

With a 2 Horse Power rating, this plunge router offers way more than you can expect from its compact design. It runs on a 10 ampere supply and offers sufficient power to cut and trim through thick materials. Moreover, the motor consumes less electricity and therefore contributes to lower economic costs and bills.

Are you someone who gets distracted by a little noise in the background? If yes, you don’t need to worry about losing your concentration while at work anymore with the Ryobi Router. That’s why use a motor that not only offers a power-packed performance but does so while producing little to no noise.

Variable Speed:

The performance of the motor of the router has always followed a discussion about its speed. Variable speed is a feature that allows you to cut and trim through various woods at variable speeds. That makes a router compatible with your working style and should always be checked before buying a router.

You will be glad to know that the Ryobi Plunge Router comes with a variable speed option. Not only does this grant you a wide speed range of 15,000 to 25,000 revolutions per minute to choose from but is simple to operate as well. It makes use of press buttons or push knobs, which are easy to learn and understand.

Suppose somehow, and you still happen to struggle with adjusting the speed of your Ryobi Plunge Router. In that case, the device counters this problem by electronically controlling and adjusting the variable rate to suit the type of wood you are currently working on!

Ergonomic Design:

The duration for completing a project can last from only a few days to several months, depending upon the standard and accuracy of the project you are aiming for. Your router needs to be finished in the most convenient design and guard against any muscle strain or irritation while in use.

Therefore, the Ryobi Plunge Router handle is finished in a significantly ergonomic and comfortable design, which helps the user to have a steady and comfortable grip on the router in addition to a smooth texture to guard against any bites or irritation.


  • Requires minimal effort to be assembled
  • A powerful and energy-efficient motor with a 2 HP rating
  • Lightweight design with portable handles for convenient movement
  • Offers variable speed between 15,000 to 25,000 RPM
  • The electronically controlled speed with easy to operate knobs and push buttons
  • Ergonomic handles for comfortable and steady grip for long hours
  • Features a noiseless motor with locks to keep things in place
  • Premium quality construction makes it durable and suitable for rugged surroundings
  • Soft start motor for safety and efficiency while trimming and cutting wood
  • Reasonably priced


  • Lacks dust collector and is therefore difficult to clean
  • Not quite compatible with router tables
  • An unsatisfactory customer care center
  • The base is prone to wear and tear and not durable

Final Verdict

Given the features mentioned above, it makes sense why Ryobi Plunge Router has emerged as one of the most reliable and efficient devices to boost your projects’ standards. If you are another craftsman aiming to improve your projects by a significant mark but unwilling to spend a hefty sum on the device, this Ryobi Plunge Router is the one for you!