SKIL RT1323 01 Router Table & Fixed Base Router Kit Review

Are you looking for the best router table for your work? Try Skil rt1323-01 router table and 10 amp fixed base router kit.

Creativity comes hand in hand with every skill. And most of all, you’ll see it prevailing in woodworking. We know that woodworking is not just labor work.

It is an art, a form of expressing one’s imagination on pieces of wood.

Those design and crafts are sometimes not as easy as it seems. They can be complicated and can make a woodworker pull his hair! Yes, it happens to me ALL THE TIME!

So, coming back to the main topic, I’d say using appropriate tools and equipment is very important.

Like you see how a high-quality brush can make gorgeous strokes on canvas with complete ease. Just like that, high-quality woodworking equipment will do the same.

So Never hesitate to buy the best one!

You are not just doing your work a favor but making your own life a lot easier. Trust me on this one. If someone asks you to get a router table to create intricate designs, Go for it Right Away!

Though, you’ll hear people using handheld routers for their work. But if you listen to me, I’d suggest you go for the table ones. They are more accurate and easy to use. So, no question of accuracy can arise!

And talking about the router tables, what can be better than our new Skil rt1323-01 router table and 10 amp fixed base router kit!

It is one of the best you can find in the market, and no doubt your work will outshine your competitor in every way!

(Until or unless they are not using this exact product!)

If I want to make you a fan, I must explain why you should go for a table router in the first place! So, here it is;

Why do we prefer a Table Router?

Basically, I want you to know this item and its importance before moving into the product’s details and review. This way, you can understand the specs easily and choose wisely.

Technically speaking, a Router table is a piece of convenient equipment for making fast molds, accurate edges, and clean surfaces.

It gives your wood a fine look, adding a touch of professionalism.

Who doesn’t want it, right!

So, now coming to the main topic of buying the best one in town. And what’s that? Yes, that’s right!

Let’s have an in-detail review of the Skil rt1323-01 router table and 10 amp fixed base router kit!


We got you a detailed review of the product with additional comments from other users. So let’s get started!

About the Company(Skil)

Skil has been manufacturing quality power tools for years. Their products make them stand in the front line every time. It is a US-based brand that believes in making low price products with quality as an ultimate goal.

You can look at its manufacturing, every one of them is built with high-quality materials, and no inadequacy is acceptable. It makes its products reliable and durable. And what else do you need in a good router table, right?

Not just that, SKIL always keeps the safety of its products in mind, as all its power tools come with 5 Year of guarantee. And not just that, with the patented Lithium battery technology, you will face no heat-ups at all!

So, get ready to use one of the most incredible names ever made!

Top Pick

Skil RT1323-01 Router Table & Fixed-Base Router Kit

Skil rt1323-01 router table is one of the high-quality power tools. It gives optimum speed to work with wood. So that you won’t get irregular or uneven cuts.
And to help you work well at night, it even comes with LED lights under the table. As here, the precision and accuracy make it the best router!
And no problem, if you prefer using both 1/2 inches and 1/4 inches, shank bits. It works well with both!
So, to know about the product a little better, let’s get into its features.

Features of the Product

Here are some of the exciting features.

Router Tool Combo Kit:

Router tables are not enough when we want to work on intricate projects. Though tables are an essential part, you still need other accessories and tools. Without them, your table is like a pen without paper. Most tables come alone, and by buying extras, you can spend a Fortune! So, Skil makes it easy for you by giving you an ultimate combo kit.

Router Table Accessories:

The router table has all the adjustment tools you need to have the desired cut. Even with bit storage, you can save your bits from losing.

And not to forget the router clamp and starter pin, as nothing can stop your piece from staying in place!

And with Two Featherboards, you are off to perfection.

Powerful Base Router:

If your router is not powerful enough, it can make your work look sloppy and unprofessional. So, if you ever see a satisfactory router base, turn your head right away!

But you don’t have to do any of it with this product by Skil. With a 10 Amp and 2.0 Hp motor, no one can doubt the power of this power tool.

Its speed control and live tool indicator add a cherry on top!

Large Aluminum Fence:

First of all, there’s nothing less I can say with its excessively durable fence. Its long-lasting aluminum fence is one of the most stable ones you can find on any router table.

And yes, its large 24 inches wide body makes room for all you need to do without creating an issue.

And it doesn’t end here! If you are working on larger pieces and find them hard to manage, you don’t need to worry! As with adjustable MDF face plates, all your problems got a solution!

Not to forget the guard and starter pin that comes with it!!

Control and Grip:

Yes, we know you can’t work well if holding the router is an issue. And no, we are not going to disappoint you with this product. Let me tell you one thing if you are a beginner.

No other router table is better for you than this one!

With its Die-cast motor housing and perfectly shaped handles, you get superior grip and control. So, no slippering and no stuttering, pure perfection!

Convenient Features:

When we work on a router table, we have to tackle many things at the moment. We need to use several things at once. So, convenience is like a fresh juice for the worker.

The point to note is that most router tables are not convenient and don’t give such facilities. So, when we got features like under-the-table storage, we were over the moon!

Not just is it smart but have our work so much more efficient!

Even the clamps are so handy and effective. So, we can say that nothing can beat the level of this router table, right!

Other Features:

Other features include 10,000-25,000 rpm load speed for smooth cutting. Three LED lights are available on the bottom of the table for better vision.

And 6-speed variable control adds to the effectiveness of the product.

We discussed the features thoroughly. So now let’s go through its pros and cons.


  • Durable Body:

With a large aluminum table, you are sure to have the durability you look for in a router table. Other than that, the bits and blades are all certified and give maximum reliability.

Even the overall build of the router base is impressive.

  • High Grip:

We know that the die-cast, perfect handles give the most accurate grip. It will save you from minor accidents and can give your work a neat finish.

So, never underestimate the power of your Skil’s grip!

  • Combo Pack:

Whatever you say, the things that come in packs are always better. Though we can’t say much about quality, the overall profit is definitely higher.

So, Skil’s router table combo kit is surely the best overall kit on the market.

  • Powerful Motor:

When your moto is powerful, you will for sure get the smooth cuts. No matter how sloppy your hand is, in the end, the result won’t disappoint you!

With a 10 Amp motor, you don’t have to worry a bit.

  • Convenience:

Convenience is something that everyone loves, right! No matter what we think about a product, if it’s not convenient, it gets no praise.

But that’s not the case with the Skil rt1323-01 router table. It has all the features (you can read above) to make a convenient piece of equipment in your workshop.

  • LED Lights:

In the end, how can we kip the good old LED lights? You won’t find many router tables with LED lights installed underneath. You can do it yourself, but getting a pre-installed one gives another pleasure!


  • Miter Gauge Stop Unavailable:

Though it is not a big issue, some customers prefer to get a stop with the package. A miter gauge stop would provide more support to the wood, thus making it easy to work for the worker.

Some particularly asked for a 0-degree stop. So, if Skil adds this in, it will be completely perfect!

  • Unhelpful Manual:

A perfect product with a weak manual, nothing new, right! We see all the time that most great tools come with unhelpful manuals. So, if you can work without it well, go for it right now!

How to Get the Best out of the Product? 

If you want your Skil rt1323-01 router table and 10 amp fixed base router kit to work to its full potential, then make sure you do the following steps:

  • Make sure you unplug the router before changing the bit.
  • Make sure you keep 1/4 of your shank exposed. It will keep it tight in the collet.
  • Always keep your bit guarded.
  • Make sure you wear safety glasses to have a better view and ultimately better results.
  • Hearing protection will also help you like the safety glasses.
  • Always move your workpieces from right to left.
  • When working with a piloted bit, go counterclockwise.
  • Make sure your workpiece positions never between the bit and the fence.

Who is the Target Audience?

Every product has a specific range and a target audience. Most router tables have no professional limit, but some still specify the target audience.

Like here, I’d say, keeping its features in mind, it is mostly for newbies or the middle-tier professionals. Though, professionals can also give it a shot. And it will definitely give incredible results.

But from a beginner’s point of view, it is the best.

Our Experience with the Product:

We got this extensive review based on our experience. And to be honest, we didn’t cut slack on this one. So you can get the just evaluation of the Skil rt1323-01 router table and 10 amp fixed base router kit.

  1. First, we looked into the setting up of our rt1323 router table. It was easy and didn’t take a lot of time. One thing is that we have been using router tables for a long time, so for us setting it up was comparatively easy than others. (If you are relying on manual, Just Don’t!)
  2. Another thing that made things really easy was the LED lights. It illuminated our workspace and made our work much easy. If you prefer working in daylight, maybe it won’t attract you that much.
  3. One of the best features was its 6-speed variable control. We work on intricate designs demanding various speed levels. So, it was a treat for us. And I am sure you will say the same thing.
  4. We love when we get everything in the same package, so maybe this is where I’ll get biased. Everything was on point, and trust me, it made our work super smooth. Even the table is big enough to have an easy time.
  5. And lastly, our experience with the price is appreciable! With this budget, the features are extraordinary and simply impressive. Where can you get such an inclusive item for under $200!

Other People Comments:

Let’s look at other people’s reviews on Skil rt1323 router table kit.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Is 26 inches a good size for the router table?
Yes, anything between 22 inches to 36 inches is the best size for a router table.

Skil rt1323 has an MDF table. Is it any good?
Yes, MDF is one of the best materials for router tables. Most companies have started using it.

Is a 1-inch thick router table worth working?
Yes, 1 inch is the appropriate thickness for many router tables.


In the end, I’ll just say that you don’t need to rush your choices. Always compare other products and get the one that covers your needs the most. You don’t need to run after features or prices. Go for one that offers maximum value. And if Skil rt1323-01 router table and 10 amp fixed base router kit is the one giving you the value you need, don’t hesitate to get this one Now. Just remember, it is a steal with this price!