Best Wood Router Table to buy in 2023

To create the most beautiful woodwork designs either as a professional carpenter or a passionate hobbyist, you need to upgrade your woodworking tools for sure. And finding out the best wood router table that provides you versatility with ultimate precision is the first thing you need to consider.

It helps you to excel in creating eye-catching designs and shapes in wood, indents, curves, dig grooves, and a lot more. Handling a router is a difficult task. Therefore you need a table to mount the router securely to say goodbye to unnecessary headaches.

A router table allows your hands to complete the woodworking tasks with so much ease and comfort. It also ensures safety and perfection during work.

Best Wood Router Table Reviews

Having the best wood router table is an essential piece of equipment to master your skill. In like manner, tons of options are available on the market having their own benefits and shortcomings.

Before investing money, we advise you to do a little research to grab the best one for you. Luckily, we have done thorough research to give you the list of the top 10 best wood router tables to choose the one that will fulfill your demands.

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

Being a successful successor to RA1171, the Bosch RA1181 is one of the top-notch models going around and loved by seasoned woodworkers and hobbyists alike. Bosch Benchtop is manufactured in Germany and is extremely popular due to its sturdiness and cosmetic updates.

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On top of all, the Benchtop is phenomenal due to its durable and portable features making it easy to adjust anywhere you want and lasts for long. The best part is that it provides a large aluminum work surface for expanded work area, precision, and versatility, the most essential elements one should require while working.

Featuring a Rigid Aluminium Mounting Plate, it is particularly designed to fit a range of routers and therefore is easily compatible with different above-table height adjustments.

To ensure perfection and creativity in woodwork, the Bosch RA1181 comes with adjustable faceplates and feather boards. The easy-to-use adjustable feather boards provide additional guidance and kickback protection to the attached tables and fences.

Thanks to the dedicated standard Dust-collection port it is everyone’s favorite who wants a cleaner work environment. It features standard 2-1/2-inch vacuum hoses to perform debris-free operations to keep your work area neat and clean.

The accessory slots in the table not only hold the feather boards but also accept 3/4-inch optional accessories including a miter gauge. Moreover, the storage pocket allows you to keep router accessories in an organized way, and the cord-wrap storage stores a 6-foot power cord with ease.

To sum up, the Bosch Router 1181 is an extraordinary router table that comes with many useful features such as adjustable feather boards with fence plates, dust-collection ports, and additional storage pockets to keep router accessories safe and organized. It offers a 1-year limited warranty along with a 1-year service protection plan to facilitate its users.


  • Features awesome storage pockets
  • Large aluminum top for extended work area
  • Offers versatility and precision in work
  • Dust collection port
  • Sturdy and durable


  • The table surface is not flat
  • Warping is not good

Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

Kreg PRS1015 is an all-rounder when it comes to the best wood router table for enthusiast woodworkers. Awarded Amazon’s choice, it includes an anodized-aluminum fence body, a T-square style saw carriage, jointing rods,  dust collection port adjustable faces, and a micro-adjust wheel making it a complete router table set.

Luckily the Kreg has incredible adjustability and unmatched versatility. Therefore, it is designed to adjust even with one hand only and the dual locks ensure that the table is locked firmly.  The anodized-aluminum fence with a table saw-style T-square adjustment feature makes sure that the fence is parallel to the miter gauge slot for precise and amazing work.

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The magnified measuring system in collaboration with an adjustable measuring scale offers exceptional accuracy. As a result, you get an accurate setup after positioning the fence and making adjustments. Further, the Micro-Adjuster ensures the precision measurements exactly through dialing.

When it comes to workpiece support, the router table has an independent sliding fence face and a built-in-jointing feature that allows you to position exactly where required. To have perfect edges on boards, two joining rods are included in this system. You only need to slide them into opposition beyond the outfeed fence face and the fence doubles.

One of the amazing features is the universal mounting the Kreg 1015 offers. It allows a strong attachment between the fence and most router tabletops. Additionally, the two heavy steel inserts offer enhanced support and do not let it fall down due to the heavy weight of the router.

Above all, the dust-collection port keeps the work area clean. This Kreg model is outstanding due to its unmatched adjustability and accuracy.


  • Independent sliding fence faces
  • Precision measuring system with micro-adjust
  • Built-in-joining feature
  • Unparalleled accuracy
  • Universal mounting


  • Fence adjustment is inconvenient
  • The adjuster paddle is stiff

SKIL RAS900 Router Table

Skil RAS900 is one of the best budget options perfectly suitable to fulfill all router demands. Its easily foldable design makes it distinguished from other wood router tables available on the market.

Equipped with accessory storage containers, it is space-saving and helps you to keep your work neat and organized to achieve perfection. Besides, this wood router table includes a clamp system which is quick and makes setup much easier to perform routing tasks easily and fast.

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With two feather boards, this router table helps you guide your workpiece in order to give you accurate routing every time you use it. This router mount is capable of fitting a number of separate machines has adjustable bits and does not require any leveling. Therefore, you can change the router with ease any time you want.

By using hard-wearing plastic to make the base, this RAS900 is sturdy and durable. Further, the tabletop features an MDF with a smooth laminate coating which is suitable to glide your wood when needed.

The Skil 900 has a bit height gauge making the setup simple and helping to improve the cuts with ultimate accuracy.  The perfect combination of starter pin and guard supports the workpiece when you want to route curved edges. The adjustable fence ensures the perfect fit for the material used for the work.

Do you have storage issues? Well, nothing to worry about when you have a Skil RAS router table. Fortunately, it comes with an efficient folding design which enables the legs to fold easily for storage. Stability is another amazing feature of this router and the convenience makes this router table the best option for any DIYer.

All in all, the reasonable price and the multiple features essential for routing make this table a great choice for woodworkers and hobbyists who want accuracy and creativity altogether.

Check out a detailed SKIL RAS900 Router Review on the get router table as well.


  • Budget-friendly model
  • Construction is durable
  • Perfectly fits different router
  • Foldable legs for easy storage
  • Featuring a quick clamp system


  • Flimsy router table
  • Does not fit DW618

Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo

The Craftsman offers the router and router table combo making it a great option especially when you are on a budget. This combo provides you with everything you want to get started on standard woodworking.

Let’s begin with its construction, this router and router table combo is sturdy and durable. The router has a 1 3/ 4 horsepower motor which makes this router long-lasting and robust and you can perform routing even with some hardwoods easily.

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The 334 square inches table upper allows you to enjoy large projects on a smooth work surface. The cutting depths adjust easily and quickly whereas microfine levels make locking easy and secure. The most exciting part is the adjustment and extendable features the fences have made it an indispensable part of any woodwork shop.

What makes this Craftsman among the best wood router tables is its commercial packaging with additional accessories such as a 1/ 4 “ collect, wrench, fence, dust guard, two feather boards, three insert rings, hardware, and a manual.

Everyone appreciates gadget that has a longer lifespan. Thanks to the Craftsman Combo for providing the sturdy router that is built with lubricated and sealed ball bearings ensuring long-lasting performance.

To have a decent bit of clearance, you can easily adjust the features as well as extend the infeed and outfeed up to two inches. Apart from this, this Combo features a dust extraction port to keep your work area clean. To maximize safety, it includes a double outlet power strip with a safety lock.

Talking about its limitations, this Craftsman Combo model does not go well with the 17540 and 17543 models when it comes to table-cutting height adjustments.


  • Easy to use
  • Allows quick operations
  • Conveniently adjustable
  • Additional safety lock
  • Produces quality woodwork


  • Spinning takes time to speed up
  • A flimsy unit

Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1181

Bosch is a renowned name for manufacturing world-class router tables for professionals and never disappointing its customers in terms of quality and performance. That is why we have another wildly popular edition of the BOSCH  RA series with fantastic features.

Let’s have a look at RA1171 features to know more about this model. First of all, it has a cabinet-style design which is ideal for constancy, storage, and dust collection. The two dust collection ports manage the dust and allow you to enjoy a clean atmosphere while working with the woods.

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With an extra-large aluminum fence with measurements of 4 7/ 8 x 25 1/ 8, this router table guarantees the handling of relatively tall stock with ease. Moreover, the laminated MDF face plates complete this fence and are adjustable allowing you to experience smooth operations with large projects.

The RA1171 features a rigid aluminum router mounting plate that is helpful in delivering accurate and precise woodwork by staying flat and firm. To ensure versatility, its pre-drilled port easily fits a number of various routers to offer a variety of workpieces.

Another plus of this Cabinet Router is the additional guidance and protection against kickback which is possible due to two feather boards attached to the fence. They are completely adjustable with different workpieces.

For added storage of router bits and accessories, this Bosch table comes with accessory slots. This Cabinet Style router table model guarantees precision and perfection with every cut during working.

On the whole, the Bosch RA1171 is amazing due to its cabinet-style functionality, enhanced and firm material support making it the best solution for woodworkers.


  • The cabinet style is excellent for dust removal
  • The versatile design ensures precision with every cut
  • Best to handle a large project
  • Customizable and sturdy
  • Extended material support


  • Rough mounting plate makes sliding difficult
  • Not suitable for every router

Grizzly Industrial T10432 Router Table

Grizzly Industrial T10432 is manufactured in the United States and is wildly popular in American woodworking shops. The T10432 is the best choice if you want a free-standing router table.

At first glance, you will appreciate its wide and smooth surface with a measurement of 31- 7 by 8 inches. It allows you to tackle a huge amount of work and make your job much easier.

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Some of the top features are a stable MDF core with durable melamine that ensures precision and accuracy with every cut and design. The polyethylene edges give you a smooth experience while working.

As far as the quality and construction of the table are concerned, it features a sturdy A-frame with steel stands. The large adjustable fence with T-slots allows you to attach relevant accessories without any difficulty.

The universal router mounting plate supports your different kinds of projects. The 2- 1/ 2” dust port removes dust and debris. This Industrial T allows you to enjoy the freehand routing through its starting pins making it an interesting wood router table for hobbyists.

Like every other traditional wood router table, this Grizzly also features easy-to-use feather boards and jigs making woodworking easier. The measuring tape on the fence reads both right and left.

To conclude, the Grizzly Industrial T is lightweight and adjusts easily anywhere you want. The wide top area with other useful features contributes to producing excellent woodwork.


  • Stable and sturdy frame
  • Dust collector manages the dust
  • Compatible with other router brands
  • Measure tape allows reading on both sides
  • MDF core and aluminum mounting brackets


  • Uneven table surface
  • Shaky adjustment

Dremel 321 Portable Rotary Tool Shaper and Router Table

Dremel has earned its reputation as a highly reliable and durable brand by manufacturing portable and multi-functional router tables for craftsmen and woodworkers. This is a great option for those who do not want to compromise on quality and performance but have a low budget.

The Dremel 231 offers exceptional support with its adjustable fence and a large 8 x 6-inch work table making it suitable to perform light-duty projects and precision tasks.  Best of all, this 231 model allows you to carry out a variety of light routing operations such as slot making, groove creation, trimming, edging, and sanding in both traditional and irregular shapes.

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Although it is designed basically to work with a Dremel Rotary tool, it is easily adjustable to a number of other routers making it an excellent bench-mounted precision wood shaper. Besides, its pre-drilled holes ensure a secure and safe connection with other surfaces.

It is compatible with both Dremel corded and cordless options easily mounts on any tabletop and gives you sufficient workspace for advanced level crafting. It is lightweight making it the best portable router table option for you. Moreover, the compact design makes this machine easy to store easily when not in use.

The adjustable features of this model allow you to customize the setting as per your requirements to take your crafting skills to the next level. It comes with easy-to-use functions that not only professional carpenters but also beginners.

All in all, the Dremel 231 gives you flexibility and precision to produce a wide range of crafting designs including sanding, grooving, carving, and so on. The lightweight portable design and compact shape fit in any woodworking shop and garage.


  • Compatible with both cord and cordless tools
  • Adjustable and customized work experience
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multi-functional router
  • Budget-friendly
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty


  • The dust port is missing
  • Only compatible with Dremel products
  • Only performs a light operation

XtremepowerUS Deluxe Bench Top Aluminum Electric Router Table

Xtreme power Deluxe is an affordable and versatile option if you are opting for a full-time woodwork business. It’s gorgeous look and smart features are worth every single penny you spend on it.

Featuring a Push Out Pocket Fence, this router table has jointing capabilities to ensure that the board edges are straight when you work. If you are conscious about measurement indentations, then this Bench Top is for you. It comes with a built-in scan feature that guarantees quick and perfect indexing.

best value wood router table

The best part is that the aluminum top is vast consisting of almost 450 square inches and gives you enough space to deliver outstanding output with every cut you make. The aluminum surface is durable and allows you to handle your DIY projects without any difficulty.

It is lightweight without compromising the quality and durability and sturdy construction offers long-lasting use for your home outfitting or business projects. Equipped with a  2- 1/ 2“ dust collection port excels at removing dust to give you a tidy environment and fits your wet/dry vacuum easily.

To ensure safety, the table holds the router securely and you are free to use both hands to focus on work during every cut.  Moreover, the groove surface efficiently removes dust and chips from the workplace.

This router table has a master power switch on the front portion giving you quick access to shutoffs in order to avoid any mishap. Further, the solid design with quality material minimizes the chances of rust and corrode making it suitable for heavy use or even outside use.

Conclusively, the XtremepowerUS is the most budget-priced tablet with multi-functional features to fulfill the woodworking requirement efficiently and quickly. It gives you ultimate control to produce accurate and precise woodwork projects.


  • Built-in scale offers quick and accurate indexing
  • Multi-functional design with built-in guards
  • Excellent jointing capabilities
  • Ensure safe and efficient tasks
  • Affordable and durable


  • Flimsy unit
  • Low-quality nuts and bolts

Goplus Electric Aluminum Router Table Wood

Goplus is an electric-based aluminum table router that comes with adequate working space and fits the majority of router bits with ease. To make woodworking easier, this router table transfigures routers into stationary power tools.

Starting off with the main table, it comes with large-sized extension tables for both ends to accommodate your routing projects perfectly. The easy slide surface is another plus point of this wood router table.

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The Aluminum Goplus features a Retractable Guard to manage the wood chips efficiently. The guard is transparent, inserted into the fence without binding, and does not let the wood chips fly around.

Most importantly, this router table is compatible with a 6-inch diameter base plate. This combination works well to produce amazing wood crafting. To support the workpiece around the bits, it includes a fence.  Moreover, the combination of jointing fences makes it ideal to complete vertical tasks.

On the tabletop, it features a miter gauge that gives you straight and predictable cuts. It also helps to measure the wood angles correctly. Constructed with aluminum alloy, the tabletop is durable and ensures stability while crafting.

The exciting part is the table’s rust-proof material which increases its lifespan and the lightweight makes it easy to move anywhere you want. To maximize stability, the Goplus features heavy-duty steel stands with wide stances.

In essence, this Goplus Electric table is easy to maintain in cool and dry places. Meanwhile, the grooved surface keeps the table neat and clean. Thanks to the detailed manual instructions installation is quick and cleaning easy.


  • Miter gauge ensures correct measuring
  • The transparent guard keeps the table clean
  • Quick installation and easy cleaning
  • Low-priced router table
  • Rust Proof tabletop


  • Not suitable for large projects
  • Aligning of extension table is a bit fussy

Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension

Bench Dog ProMax is specially designed to accommodate craftsman with tight spaces but wants premium features to boost their wood art. The addition of an industrial-grade router table expands the versatility of your router table.

Configuring the double slot fence, this Dog Tool 40 allows you to work on either side of the table. The large surface area is at your disposal to accomplish giant projects efficiently. The ProMax Iron Router features a design suitable to fit all contractor-grade table saws, increasing the versatility of this model.

best budget router table

When it comes to performance and precision, the table is made with premium quality material making it ideal for heavy-duty applications with ultimate ease. Talking about the fence, it has a Profence on the front and bottom that guarantees a flat, true, and square shape to get wonderful woodwork.

Additionally, the MDF sub-fence does not require any tool to get adjusted as well as is perfect for zero clearance set up to have an amazon work experience.

To use the table saw easily, the Profence dismounts quickly and hangs on provided j-hooks.  The added support and alignment allow you to make every cut with ease and comfort. This is another affordable router table with amazing features to facilitate the users.

The bottom line says that the Bench ProMax allows you to excel in wood crafting even in narrow spaces through its rotating fence. Certainly, this is a serious router table available at a decent price making it a great option for everyone.


  • Profence dismounts easily
  • T-slot for extra accessories
  • MDF offers tool-free adjustment
  • Dust collection to clean the workspace
  • Dual-side routing operations


  • Profence is not linear
  • Buy router plate and steel rails separately

Final Words

Choosing the best wood router table is essential to upgrade your woodworking skills largely. The premium features and high-quality router tables make your wood cutting easy and flexible with excellent designs.

I recommend you the Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 as the top router with unlimited amazing features to enlarge the routing operations. The decent price, durability, added support and accurate alignment are awesome features, to say the least.