Porter Cable 892 2-1⁄4 HP Router Review

This router has a fixed base and comes with simple instructions and service info. The efficient operating speed of Porter Cable 892 2-1⁄4 HP Router ranges from 10000 RPM to a maximum of 23000 RPM.

This pace enables users to make precise and seamless cuts at any time. With the use of this Porter Cable router, you can also adjust the cut depth in a number of ways.


This fantastic fixed base router has a soft start program of 12 AMP 2- 1/4 horsepower, which allows you to change the variable speed as required without the unit jerking out of your hands at full power.

Moreover, its dual switch allows you to turn off the power while maintaining complete control of the Porter-Cable 892 router with both hands at the same time.

Since the handles are rubber coated, you can rely on a non-slip grip the whole time.

Enable yourself a fast and smooth motor and depth adjustment by loosening up the collects with the aid of the spindle lock feature.

A collect wrench, the router itself, an operating manual guide, and a hard carrying case are included in the product kit.

Top Pick

Porter Cable 892 2-1⁄4 HP Router

Best of all,
This excellent product is lightweight, weighing just 12.56 pounds and standing at a modest height of 12.81 inches.
It fits with 1/2′′ and 1/4′′ collets for added versatility. Depending on the bit size and your project, you will be able to choose the shank diameter.
A powerful 2-1/4 HP 12-amp motor powers the Porter Cable 892. It has enough power for most woodworking and other projects you want to take on. You can receive continuous electronic feedback.

Product Specifications
Corded-electric power source.
Gray in color.
The router is a design style.
120 volts is the voltage.
2.25 horsepower
12-amp motor
RPM range: 10,000–23,000
12.56-pound weight
The manufacturer’s guarantee is limited to three years.

Product Features:

Strong variable-speed motor (10,000-23,000 rpm):

A powerful 2-1/4 HP 12-amp motor powers the Porter Cable 892. It has enough power for most woodworking and other projects you want to take on.

You can receive continuous electronic feedback.

Soft start:

This feature is designed to keep the router from spinning or rotating in your hands while also reducing torque. When using the unit freehand, it comes in handy.

In addition, The soft-start will prolong the life of the motor by reducing wear and strain.

Size of router bit:

It fits with 1/2′′ and 1/4′′ collets for added versatility. Depending on the bit size and your project, you will be able to choose the shank diameter.

Spindle lock:

Bit modifications are possible thanks to the spindle lock function. With a single screw, remove the collet. There’s also a cam lever that lets you quickly release the motor and adjust the depth.

Dual-position switch:

This handy feature allows you to reduce power consumption when cutting. It also makes it easy to keep this router under your fingertips at all times.

With both hands on the rubber-coated handles, you’ll have complete control over the gadget.

Over-molded grips:

When working with the router for an extended period of time, you’ll have more protection and comfort. A GripVac base is included with the router.


  • Easy to understand and use.
  • The directions are extremely thorough and simple to follow.
  • This is lightweight, you can easily transport it anywhere you want.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Fast motor l


  • Some consumers’ packages arrived with missing parts.

Why Choose Porter Cable 892 2-1⁄4 HP Router?

This router has enough capacity to handle the majority of woodworking tasks. Trust me when I say that the Porter-Cable 892 is a fantastic all-around system with all of the features you’ll need.

If you want to talk about router table results, I’d say it’s a fantastic unit. The product is also reasonably priced, so you won’t have to worry about emptying your pocket.

Buyer’s Guide:

The routers that you need:

When buying a router, this is definitely a must for any carpenter. The type of woodwork you’ll be doing will determine the router you need.

A fixed router would be a good investment for someone who has never done woodworking before.

There are many high-quality routers on the market today, but Porter Cable, DEWALT, Makita, and other well-known brands are worth looking into.

They not only have fantastic items, but they are also very fairly priced.


The speed options are one of the most essential features a high-quality router can have. A shoddy router would only have a one-speed setting, which may be fixed or variable.

As a result,

A high-quality router will almost always provide both a variable and a fixed speed option. As a result, you can easily switch between bit sizes and work your way around them in any way you like!

Motor start:

You should expect your router to start running on high power right away if it doesn’t have a soft motor start. It can also be extremely dangerous if your router jerks out of your hands as a result of unexpected power failure.

Often check to see if the router you’re considering has soft start motors. With a soft start, you will gradually become accustomed to the router motor’s power surge and the shocking noise without risking an accident.

You’ll also have a more accurate measurement of the router’s pressure, as well as better center balance.

The AMP:

Any router’s amp is essentially the maximum power it can handle.

Of course, by design, the higher the amp, the better. But this isn’t the case all of the time. It largely depends on the type of cutting you intend to do, as well as the consistency and hardness of the wood you intend to use.

A high-quality router would have an amperage rating of 9 to 12 AMP. However, if you are willing to spend more money on a router with more powerful features, you should expect it to have more than 12 amps.

Additional Accessories:

Porter Cable 892 2-1⁄4 HP Router

This depends greatly on the router model/version, but there are a few features that are always included with the kit.

The instruction manual, a dust collection system or container, and a case to store the router and its accessories are all included.

If the router is from a well-known company, the case will be made of very high-quality plastic. This ensures that the case would be impervious to external harm such as scratching, tearing, and/or cracking.

Best of all,

The dust collection system connects a vacuum to the router, allowing it to remove all sawdust and wood debris even though the router is running.

This is an excellent function for users who have difficulty breathing. Furthermore, the work environment stays tidy and uncluttered at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Is the Porter Cable 892 equipped with a soft-start motor?
Yes, absolutely! You should be assured that this router has a very convenient soft start motor since it is fitted with electrical circuitry. Since this router’s minimum to maximum RPM ranges from 10000 to 23000, you can expect it to start off at a slow speed and gradually increase to the desired speed rate.
What is a router centering tool?
The aim of router centering tools is to balance out the fixed base style. When the base style isn’t equally balanced or laid out, this is a necessary tool. In this case, not having a centering tool can result in a lack of precision when cutting or shaping wood. However, this does not imply that your router would be absolutely stationary.
As a first-timer, how do you choose the right/ideal speed?
As a first-timer, you can either learn by trial and error or bear in mind that the larger the bit cut, the slower the speed range. However, since the average amperage and RPM differ from one router model to the next, this is not always an accurate assessment
What is the best way to use the Porter Cable 892 Router?
Every woodworker will find the Porter-Cable 892 Router simple to use. You should read my complete review article first, and then get right to work. I hope this answers your question; with the Porter Cable 892 Router, you can easily begin your woodworking project.

Bottom Line:

That’s what there is to it! This router is one of our favorites because it not only looks great but also has some of the most cutting-edge features available.

The Porter-Cable 892 Fixed-Base Router should be your first option if you’re looking for a mid-sized woodworking companion in the 2 HP to 2-1/4 HP router bracket.

Best of all,

The current Porter Cable entry is adequate for all-around use, and it strikes a strong balance between the 3 HP beast and the new breed of smaller trim routers.

This router is strong enough to handle the vast majority of woodworking tasks. If you’re looking for a router table that performs well, this is the unit for you. If you are not a skilled woodworker, using it freehand can provide you with a number of advantages.

So, we hope you enjoyed reading our article and that all of the helpful parts were useful to you and your router shopping adventure. Here’s to a good shopping spree!